Newspaper advertising online

There is an online newspaper website I used to visit often, but this newspaper has many articles that encourage sin. It is not a temptation for me, but I would not want to increase this newspaper’s revenue because I think the newspaper does more harm than good. Is it ok for me to access this website to make comments from a Catholic perspective below the articles, or would this be wrong because it will increase the number of hits and that will mean more advertising revenue for the paper?

Get a contact e-mail or if they have a form, politely point out the problematic articles. If no one speaks up, those who analyze such comments can tell their boss: “No one’s complaining.”

That’s why I don’t buy a local print newspaper. They have classified ads for people who are looking for non-maital sex. Like most media, promoting immoral living is ‘the way’ today.


Nice website for online advertising. I will use it to give ad of the business. Check this site too

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