Newspaper Editorial


This article recently appeared in my local newspaper:

and I was thinking that it would be a really powerful witness if one of the strong Catholic women from these forums could write a response.

Just send your response via email to and make sure to include your name, address, and phone number.

Thanks ladies!

I should have mentioned above, but your address and phone number are not published. Just your name, city and maybe state.


Thanks Nick,
I’ll send this link to some knowledgeable Catholic women.
Thanks for pointing it out. It definitely needs to be responded to.
There’s a bookrecently published, called Marriage and Caste in America, which points out that poverty is linked to the breakdown of marriage. I also read of a recent study showing that the safest place for a child is in the home of his two married biological parents.

Yet the propaganda has been so long and so loud against marriage that people refuse to believe the truth. Tonight, for example, I went to a meeting of one of my local school board’s advisory committee meetings, and a woman stated “there’s no such thing as a traditional nuclear family anymore.” Is this a massive case of sour grapes?

Keep up the good work, Nick.


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