I remember a funny story few years ago when my nephew, Christian (who was about 7 years old at that time) said he would not eat meat. Surprised, we asked him “Why?” He said, “Because its Ramadan, our teacher said that it is a time of fasting.” Everyone who was there, laughed. “Christian, you are NOT Muslim! So, you don’t have to fast.”

 In truth, in the past five years, I have altered and revised my views on Muslims and their religion.  Perhaps because of my good fortune of having the opportunity to  meet and befriend a few  people of that faith in my work as a dentist.  

 Previous to that, I held the view that majority  of Muslims were a bunch of  violent barbarians still mentally living in  the 7th century.  Perhaps, this opinion  had been  borne out of seeing  too many horrifying images on TV of  terrorism, kidnappings, beheadings, wars, violent protests that almost always seemed to have  something to do with people who belonged to the Muslim faith. Not to mention, I found some of the punishments in their legal system that is still being practiced in some Muslim countries very horrid and inhuman (EX: stoning people to death, chopping of body parts for offenses). 

 Moreso, when I heard about the old  nun who was killed in Sudan and  the burning of a Christian church in the Middle East  after Pope Benedict XVI said his controversial  speech at Regensburg, Germany.  Violent acts, like these,  can give the Muslim religion a bad reputation, especially if  the  peaceful, decent  BUT **silent  **majority do not publicly condemn the atrocities.  There is a saying, “One bad egg can ruin the whole cake.”  

It can be frustrating to many non-Muslims, like me, that they seem not to have a unified, authoritative  voice to tell them  right from  wrong.  One imam can issue a hadith on the peacefulness of their religion, while another imam will issue a calling for a jihad on unbelievers or a death sentence on someone (EX: Salman Rushdie) who insult  their religion (the word insult, being a relative term).     Such contradiction can be very disconcerting, if not frustrating, for many people of goodwill who want to give them the benefit of the doubt.  

This news story, **MUSLIMS CELEBRATE EID’L FITR SHUN TERROR (front page Philippine Daily Inquirer October 24, 2006 Tuesday) ** is like a breath of fresh air for many.  

 The article said  that  sermon in many places of Muslim worship had a similar theme: 



    At last, these once-silent majority of peaceful Muslims are now coming out of their shell and are now willing to take a stand for peace. I am glad that they had used this time of Ramadan well, as it is a time of prayer (salat) and fasting (sawm) and reflection. It is a hopeful beginning for peace in our nation in a world still on the alert for more terrorist attacks after 9/11.

    While, I am aware that it may take some time for changes to happen, still, it is a step in the right direction. I believe that PEACE is achievable only if everyone sincerely wants it. A great majority of Muslims are good people, peaceful, decent and kind who do not subscribe to any form of violence. Its about time they make a stand for what they claim to be their “Religion of Peace.” After all, it will only be believable if they mean what they say and say what they mean….and we, Christians, should give them a chance to prove their words right.

    At the same time, with the Christmas season at hand, we should do well, to do fasting, prayer and reflection of our own. Our Christian love and sense of charity should encompass everyone, including, our Muslim brothers, who, according to Pope John Paul II, are “our brothers in Abraham”.

    May God (Allah) bless us all with peace, love and goodwill for each other.


All of the Moslems I have ever known, have been practicing and have been ‘men of peace and goodwill’.

If they typify Islam then we Christians have nothing to fear.:thumbsup:


I’m betting you don’t live in a majority Muslim area…?


During Ramadan over 1600 people have been killed in hundreds of attacks by Muslim jihadists. Some celebration. Don’t be fooled.


How many unborn children were killed by Americans this year?

Or do you not agree that abortion is killing?

Get your priorities straight before you go slamming other religions.


Being American does not make one, ipso facto, a Christian. Christians stand outside the clinics and abortuaries and plead with those entering not to slay their children. Or they at least support others who do so. Christians do not enter abortuaries for the purpose of killing their babies.


Well, who is a greater threat? Secular Americans who kill millions of babies every year, or Muslim terrorists? Why are we obsessed with Muslims, if indeed “the threat to life” is the problem we’re most concerned with?

And how can we conclude that Muslims are generally bad and violent, without also concluding that America is one of the most violent and ruthless places on earth?



Are you saying that the President of America–the only Super Power left in the world–is lying when he said recently:

October 23, 2006

Presidential Message: Eid al-Fitr

October 20, 2006

I send greetings to Muslims in the United States and around the world celebrating Eid al-Fitr.

Islam is a great faith that has transcended racial and ethnic divisions and brought hope and comfort to many people. Throughout Ramadan, Muslims have fasted to focus their minds on faith and to direct their hearts to charity. Eid al-Fitr marks the completion of this holy month with the Festival of Breaking the Fast. During this joyous celebration, Muslims thank God for his guidance and blessings by gathering with family and friends, sharing traditional foods, and showing compassion to those in need.

America is strengthened by the countless contributions of our Muslim citizens, and we value our ties with Muslim nations throughout the world. For people of all faiths, Eid al-Fitr is an opportunity to reflect on the values we share and the friendships that bind all who trace their faith back to God’s call to Abraham.

Laura and I send our best wishes for a joyous Eid and for health, happiness, and prosperity in the year ahead. Eid Mubarak.

What made/forced him say the above words about Islam and Muslims when he is the President of Super Power?


I have never thought that Muslims, as individuals, are any more prone to violence then the rest of the world. I do think that extremist of any belief system are potentially dangerous and that seems to be the group among the Muslims who are the most vocal and likely to come to non Muslim’ attention.


Most Muslims are not terrorist however most terrorists are Muslim.


I had a response for JMM159/freedomm/justice2000/whatever else…,

Even though you’ve been banned from the forums again, you may still be lurking so here’s my answer. Making a sincere declaration in a state of ignorance is not the same as a lie. To claim it is would be a very Michael-Moorish kind of dirty tactic.


pro, we fight against abortion peacefully. Muslims never protest against terrorism and regard their jihad as God’s will. They still haven’t apologized for 911.


It’s a step, but it’s short; they have not made any specific condemnation. I would like them to condemn the terrorist attacks made by Al Queda, Hamas, Abu Sayyaf Group, and other Muslim terrorist group and cell that’s operating in the name of Islam. Until they can make specific condemnations and repudate these groups, then such proclamations, while a good step, is still not satisfactory.


You’re missing the point. Which society is more violent?

One that kills millions of babies every year, or one that has a problem with terrorism?

Since when did America apologize for the abortion murders?

You’re on here bashing Islam every day, you claim, because of terrorism. Yet there’s a slaughter going on in your own country, and you say nothing. Why is that? How can you claim to be upset about killing when you’re not calling America the great satan, and asking people to recognize America as evil for its wholesale slaughter of babies?


Those who commit abortion don’t do it in the name of Christianity; that’s the difference. The terrorists, one and all, commit their atrocities in the name of Islam, and that cannot be denied as they themselves admit it.


pro, I’m consistant. I fight against abortion. However, you minimize, deny, and could care less about a young Sudanese Christian slave who was crucified. Islam teaches that violence is a virtue, a good thing, because Muhammed did it.


No you’re not consistent. You don’t post a thread every day condemning America as a murderous nation that uses government funds in order to kill babies.

How come? It’s all about saving lives right? You just want to stop barbaric murders…yet you fail to condemn the United States as barbaric and murderous?

You must support it secretly. Or maybe, just maybe, you post on Islam because you hate Muslims and have a deep religious bias, and you use any facts you can to defame it. And you don’t really care if other places are worse or better, you just want to hate muslims.


I bet I preach against abortion for more then you preach against crucifying enslaved Sudanese Christian children.


You’re dodging the question:

Is American culture fundamentally evil, and in need of replacement, because it sanctions the murder of millions of children?

You post every day about how bad Islam is. Where’s your same outrage for America? After all, Americans kill many more children than Muslims…millions even. So where’s the outrage?


Tu quoque! :slight_smile:

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