Newspaper uses photo of Alec Baldwin instead of Donald Trump in Error

I find this very funny.

One the one hand, that’s pretty unprofessional. On the other, I can’t really blame them, since the parody Trump is far more dignified than the real Trump.

They are hilariously stupid. Oh my.

This is absolutely hilarious. Trump’s blood pressure will be off the charts when he learns of this. :smiley:


How did that get past the editor? Very poor proof-reading but hilarious too. :smiley:

OMG, is that absolutely hysterical! How long before that dufus finally accepts the fact that he’s nothing but a buffoon? He got elected, only through the Electoral College (most Americans didn’t want him as president), and showed himself that he can have anything he wants. Fine. Now, he and his “family” is nothing but the butt of jokes. He has brought shame to America and America will continue to shame him and his “family.” He made his point to stroke his ego and narcissism. From now on he will be nothing but a joke, and if he can handle that (which he can’t) let him remain in his stolen office. We’ll continue to poke fun at his latest “wife” (who’s only accomplishment was being a porn star) and his dysfunctional offspring. Let him deal with that or else just resign.

“A porn star”? Source.

And the 'dysfunctional offspring?" How exactly are they 'dysfunctional?"

Look if you want to talk about the man, he’s an adult. Fine. Plenty to say, like any adult he has flaws and problems.

But to attack his wife (an adult, yes, but she did not ‘choose’ her role as First Lady. She was not ‘elected’) is unfair and unkind. Don’t know whether you’re male or female, married or not, but if you are, I wonder how you would feel having your wife vilified by major news media, not to mention every Tom, Dick, or Mary on the internet who hates you and feels secure in anonymity making the kinds of remarks that would shame any decent human being. . . not to mention having your kids called names.

Isn’t that last rather like, um, 'cyber bullying"? How do you think those kids feel? They can’t be isolated in a bubble; they have lives, they have interactions with people. They likewise were not ‘elected’. Why are they ‘fair game’ for those who just can’t limit their vitriol to their father?

I’m sorry, but those remarks and attitude show more lack of ‘class’ than what is attributed to Mr. Trump. Why is his ‘buffoonery’ and ‘lack of class’ derided, but this kind of attitude shown to his family celebrated, applauded, and enjoyed?

and they are sure it was by accident?

I guess this is a feather in Mr. Baldwin’s hat that his impersonation is spot on.

well said!

oops! I think his post was deleted. hopefully, the moderators will delete ours which included his post within each one of ours…

What if they put up a picture of a minority Sikh or Muslim, and suddenly people identified Trump with that picture and criticism of Trump automatically became racist by progressive standards? :wink:

Would we still be having a good ol’ laugh at that?:smiley:

Sad thing is maybe it did.

I would think that if Donald Trump really is this horrible president, they wouldn’t need to do things like this and would have much more substantive things to say.

This is just more fuel for his twitter.


Exactly “what”. People taking it too seriously. It wasn’t a deliberate effort on the part of the newspaper but some Trump supporters are offended even though it is a hilarious mistake. :smiley:

Seems more like Australian humour that an Editorial error ,lol

Deliberate error to belittle the President?

was it a mistake though? very unprofessional to say the least!

Could be a mistake, could be deliberate, it was definitely unprofessional. Regardless, the outcome was hilarious. :rotfl::rotfl:

It could be deliberate. Anything to make their readers happy. :rolleyes:

or to get publicity…:rolleyes:

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