Newsweek article: "GAY MARRIAGE Our Mutual Joy"


Where do I start?
Where do I place this thread, in moral theology, apologetics, sacred scripture, secular news, ect…?
There are so many aspects to this article which appall me.

It is so wrong in so many aspects.
My main concerns mentioned in the article are :
The bible as a living document, (that is what they say about the constitution to justify abortion.)
The bible doesn’t teach about traditional marriage?
The bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality?
King David might have been homosexual?

The comments section of the article was closed due to the volume of comments, so I will post it here.

I will first just let people read the article and post what they think of it before I make my views heard, I am curious what others think of it.

Threads about this article have been started in several forums, but here is the earlier thread which was begun in Secular News:

This is actually the fourth thread opened on this article: 3 in secular news; one in Catholic News.

must be a great topic then, I will check out the other threads.

just boycott newsweek and all other mainstream media outlets that are in bed with the homosexualists.

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