Newsweek on the Nativity

After reading this article I don’t think I am going to read anything more that is published from this magazine. They are trying to base the fact that there are contradictions in the bible, and that it also contradicts that of history.

I think that there is nothing wrong in trying to find historical truth, as I am a fan of History and is something I plan on studying. The problem is when you try to disprove God’s word because of it. It is the same thing like science. Science is something great, until it is used to disprove God. That is itself a contradiction as you are using something truthful ( scientific truth) with another truth, the highest truth (God). Same goes with history.

What do you guys think about this article?

Newsweek is nothing but a liberal rag. I never read it, except for those times I had to gag through an article for school.

Save your brain cells, don’t read Newspeak.

I really hated to read this article because I hate anything that is negative about Jesus. I know there are arguments about Historical facts and I don’t have all the answers. Many of us here have a “trust” in Jesus that other people don’t have. When I got to the end and read the last paragraph I felt a little better…

But for those with a broader vision, a more generous appreciation of
literature, and a fuller sense of theological meaning, the story of the Christ-child and his appearance in the world can be founded not on what really did happen, but on what really does happen, in the lives of those who believe that
stories such as these can convey a
greater truth.

I think the author is saying that for all the arguing, the important part is what is coming. Jesus was born. He is real. He died and rose again. He will come into his kingdom and I want to be there. (He wants everyone to be there!):thumbsup:

Haha, thank you for finding some goodness out of all the poo he spewed before that. :smiley:

WHAT? I cannot believe this! Newsweek still exists? :smiley:

Newsweek’s print publication ending on 31 December

Opinion article, not a news article.

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