Newsweek: The Bible Supports Homosexual "Marriage"

My mother has canceled our subscription to this magazine. After the cover article (which was bad enough) we found an article on aborting down syndrome babies.

As has been said countless times before on these threads, there is a clear distinction between “scripture and homosexuality” vs “Church Teaching and homosexuality”. And many on these forums, ignoring the historical, scriptural, and contextual facts, cling more to thier “religion”, and its “Traditions of men”, than the pure and simple truths preserved in the context and content of Scripture itself. But don’t worry, you’re not alone; the Pharasees did the same thing by also rejecting “the spirit of the law”. And not suprisingly, Jesus accused them of “condemning the blameless” as a result.

The spirit of the law is, IMO, sorely lacking on CAF - and not just on this subject. Phariseeism evidently never goes out of style.

Take the institution of marriage out of heterosexual relationships and you’ll see their rates of VD skyrocket too.

There is no evidence to support that.

The truth is that in the States where homosexual marriage is legal there have been a miniscule number of homosexuals wed. The truth is that homosexuals want the right to “marry” much more than they want to get martried.

There is evidence. Analize the history of many other marginalized groups and see how the rates of venereal and other diseases skyrocket in their communities. There’s nothing intrinsically promiscuous about same sex relationships. They are only part of a marginalized human group trying to survive in societies that concur against them.

So? A lot of people here misunderstand and have misconceptions about other groups of people whether it’d be homosexuals or some other group.

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

Come on guys, play nice. This is a Catholic forum. You shouldn’t be surprised that most responses cling to Catholic teaching.

I’m not sure whether you realize it, but Catholics believe that the Church is guided by the Holy Spirit. They believe this guarantees that the Church’s interpretation of the Bible is always correct. From the Catholic point of view, Church teachings are not simply “Traditions of men” but are ultimately from God.

That said, I am no longer Catholic and agree with you that the teachings on homosexuality are in error. But really, you can’t expect Catholics to agree with the fallible opinions of individuals when it contradicts their faith.

I am very sorry to hear that, Dale.

I will pray for you.

You’re right. Which is the reason that the only thing that matters isn’t my opinion or anyone else’s, for that matter. When the factual evidence of scripture and its context regarding “homosexuality”, are blinded by faith, then it’s no longer about whether or not Catholics “agree” on a falliable opinion. It’s about whether Christians are willing to uphold the truth as perseved within the actual language and context of scripture itself. Not merely an “interpretation”.

But I do understand, and agree with you completely!

Thank you, Seumas. I certainly could use some prayers, and if you would be willing to include a mention of better health I would be most appreciative.

So there is a difference between Scripture referring to homosexuality as an abominationand the church teaching that homosexual behavior is a sin?

As opposed fallible opinion of individuals clinging to relativism and creating a god who approves of everything they do.

Now you may think that’s harsh but you are the one making very condescending comments towards those who are adhering to the unchanging teachings of a Church that has been around for 2000 years and claiming that you have some kind of new insight that shows that everyone who has went before us was a bigot.

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Bob, where in the world did you get the idea I was being condescending? I wrote with respect for opinions honestly held.

Oh well, condescension is relative…isn’t it?

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