Next big attack on the Church, What will it be?

I was in a friendly debate yesterday with a friend who is in RCIA right now, about what would be the next great “thing” or heresy that could attack the Church. I know the Church will always win, but as long as there is a devil, there will be persacution against the Church. This isnt meant to be a doom and gloom kind of deal!

Before hand, I do not mean to offend anyone

My friend stated that it is secularism that is going to be the next big attack on the Church, I greatly agree, but this has already started, i.e Europe.
My thought was that it will be the whole “homosexual agenda” from radical gay groups. I looked at various protestant groups (not sue if I am allowed to name them??) who have been corrupted by these practices. With the fairly recent pass of allowing this in PECUSA, it makes me wonder will it be a domino effect?

What are everyones thoughts on this and what others may be?

IMHO…if the war should move us into Iran with the recent talk of threat of atomic bombs, nuclear weapons…the “end-times”…and “rapture believers”…are going to see this as the coming of the Anti-Christ…of course, as always, it will be a Catholic.

My guess>>>Anti-Christ movements within the non-Catholic sects. Like I said, just my opinion.

It’s already started and it’s moral relativism. I think that has to be the “Aryanism” of our day. Everyone should be able to do what they feel is right and truth is different for you and me. It has to be one of the most damaging aspects of our culture today.

I agree with both of yall.

DENNYINMI, I agree, having come from a protestant church I can relate to “the end times” soeculation (and it is usually a pope or something! lol). How would that attck the Catholic Church?

Boulder257, I agree with you 100%, we are afraid of offending anyone, I am guilty of this sometimes, and we like to believe that all religions go to heaven no matter what. I was having a talk with a cousin who belongs to a mainline denomination and she sounded more like a unitarian.

Birth control.

Until the 1920s every protestant faith rejected birth control on moral grounds (not surprisingly, it was PECUSA who first embraced it). Today I am not aware of a single mainline protestant church which retains its teaching on birth control. Because they have dissociated sex from its procreative role, the “homosexual agenda” has been able to advance, and is gaining ground every day among protestant churches.

The Church’s teaching on birth control is already ignored by a large number of Catholics. Many go so far as to claim it is unjust.

The “homosexual agenda” cannot seriously advance unless the Church fundamentally changes Her view on the nature of sexual relations. I believe this will be the next battle.


I actually very much agree with this, my confirmation sponsor uses birth control bc she “has to” I chose not to ask because Im a guy and have no idea ha.
Before I became Catholic I actually belonged to a breakaway denomination of TEC, which was formed for several reasons, the homosexuaal agenda which was one of them. I also have family who have left the ELCA bc of this.
Churches which I NEVER thought would embrace these things are becoming more common, my best friends SBC has a couple of openly gay people there and no one ever tries to talk to them about it, at least as far as my friends know…And this is in Alabam!! It makes me wonder what its like in less conservative states.

going to be? I think you are both at least a generation too late

the next serious attack on the Church, as in the most devastating and damaging, will come from where it always does, from within. From the heretics in the early centuries, to the evil popes and church figures of the dark ages, to the evil popes, priests and church figures of the middle ages, to the Catholic-in-name-only kings and cardinals of the Renaissance and Enlightenment, to the church leaders and Christian monarchs who used the Church to promote persecution of Jews throughout the last millenium, to the lukewarm and cafeteria Catholics of the 20th century and today, to the new-agers infiltrating and perverting preaching and catechesis in the last 40 years, to the dissenters on both the right and left who invade even these forums, to the pedophile priests and the bishops who ignored and enabled their activities, the worst attacks always come from within. More than one pope has talked about the smoke of Satan infiltrating the Church.

Yea sorry I meant to clarify that, I am 100% aware that secularism is already occuring hardcore in Europe, I think he meant evetually it would hit other places as hard as it has Europe, I dont think America is quite on the scale as Europe yet though bc our religious attendance is still pretty high

Catholic apologetics. I have faith that the Church will survive this epidemic of bad argument on its own behalf, but this will be the closest thing possible to conclusive proof that the Church is indeed of divine origin:p.



I feel America will be the next big challenge of the Church. I’ve always said that Europe is America X number of years from now on whatever (2 years on cell phones, 20 years on socialized medicine, etc). For the most part what ever happened in Europe happens sooner than later in America. I can already see it just within my Archdiocese where you have one church who literally still says the Mass in Latin, and another church on the other side of town that that really pushes the boundaries on issues such as homosexuality. Something in that spectrum is going to give. And as I see Rome almost getting more conservative in it’s stances, I would not be surprised at all if the more liberal Catholic Churches in America break off. And when that happens I think people will be surprised how many go. The parish I belong to is by no means filled with bleeding heart liberals, but overall, most parishioners (as well as the past few priests we’ve had) have all cringed at some of the stances coming from Rome, or from our Archbishop.

And off of this, is a reality that if Rome looses much of the American Churches, where does their money come from? I know talking the Church and $$$ seems materialistic, but it’s a reality of life (and has always been). As the Church in Latin America and Africa grows, and the Church in Europe and the US shrinks, your main money flows begin to shrink. And I’m not thinking “Oh no, how will we pay to change the Popemobile’s tires!” I’m thinking, what happens to the charitable works that go on in these third world countries.

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