NFL player boycotts White House over abortion

Well at least there is still someone out here who will stand up for his beliefs. God bless this man.

+1 :thumbsup::thumbsup:

God Bless Matt for speaking the truth. He is a hero for Christ in this world gone mad. Who would have thought that a leader of our country would go so far as to call for God to bless genocide sponsored and paid for by our government with funds collected from all of us. Lord have mercy on us, Christ have mercy on us. Pray for conversion of this president and those who sit as judges on our supreme court, those who fill the halls of our governing bodies.

Thanks for posting this. I was wondering why he chose not to attend.

Good for Matt.

If the role was reversed and it was a Republican President who was openly opposed to gay “marriage” and a player boycotted because of the President’s stance, he would be hailed by the lamestream (mainstream) media for doing so.

I don’t understand why he is “confused” about what Obama said to PP. After all, this is a man who voted AGAINST the ban on partial birth abortion. He is radically pro-abortion. What did Matt expect from him?

But I’m glad he spoke out. He is with the mainstream of America.

For variety sake he could “girl-cott” the White House, What I would have expected would be for the White House to hand me out a peanut butter sandwich out the back door and then I’d be on my way.:smiley:

Obama also refused to vote to protect the life of a baby that survives an abortion (born alive). It’s not even possible to be more extreme than that. Obama is the spokesman for abortion giant Planned Parenthood and is as Pro-Abortion as the Pope is Catholic.

Perhaps he was being diplomatic, and that he was confused that any Christian would believe Planned Parenthood is doing God’s work. Lord knows Obama confuses me too on that count.

I believe Matt is just confused as to how one might confer a blessing on such an evil enterprise. I would be willing to bet he is aware of president Obama’s stance on abortion.:thumbsup:

I agree… Nice to hear this.

God bless real Americans and real men and real women who stick up for defenseless little babies.

And even more urgently…God bless those who don’t.


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