NFL Player Posts Instagram Photo Showing Police Officer’s Throat Getting Slit


CLEVELAND (CBSNewYork) — An NFL player is apologizing for posting a graphic image on Instagram showing a man dressed in all black slitting the throat of a police officer.

Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell, 23, deleted the image he posted on Instagram showing blood gushing out of the officer’s neck. The image conjures up videos posted by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria showing the terrorist known as “Jihadi John” beheading American and British victims.


That’s awful! :frowning:


big apology as NFL Player sees paycheck at risk. :rolleyes:


Once again the headline is deceptive. :mad:

It was not a photo. The image was a drawing or painting of a fictitious event.

Did these journalists intend to mislead, or are they merely incompetent?



Does that really matter?! Who cares how the media presented it? The man posted this disgusting image on his own. How the media reports it does not change the content of the image. Why take the focus off of his shameful act as if how the media presented it diminishes his culpability?

Seriously, that image was profoundly disturbing. :mad:

The Browns should send the man packing. There’s no way I’d still have a job if I made that sort of “mistake” – and I don’t have a massive public following (fan base) like this man.


Seems like they are trying to rile people up and spark the match that will lead to all out civil war, whether its about racism, or anti-police, terrorism, etc. you name it.

Since the media is owned and operated by 6 private corporations, I wonder sometimes if they are using headlines to push an agenda all their own. Majority of people I know, if they hear about something from a major media outlet, 99% of the time, they are going to take their word for it and believe, on the other hand, when I read the news, I always take it with a grain of salt and try to ‘read between the lines’


how do you know it was fictitious?.. I believe a year or 2 ago there were 2 policeman in the New York City area who were attacked. I thought one did have his throat cut. the attacker or attackers were terrorists I believe.
I didn’t see the image, but he must have seen a reason to post it. I am glad he deleted it.


You are forgetting, what is actually ‘offensive’ depends on whatever is popular in public sentiment at the time, so if anti-police is popular, less folks will find such a thing offensive and he may even gain more followers.

I remember back when that ISIS Jihadi John was beheading people, I would see frequent mock images/cartoons of him, being violently tortured or killed, and this was popular, most people would laugh at it and agree, he does need to die some horrible death in town square, for all to watch.


The NFL obviously condoned last Super Bowl’s Salute To The Black Panthers halftime show, why should this be a problem.


I don’t disagree with you, and I am not trying to minimize anything. My point was that the headline suggested that it was a photo of an actual murder of a real person. This headline, and many exaggerated, sensational, and misleading headlines, I believe, are crafted to grab eyeballs and get web clicks which can be turned into advertising revenue.

In other words, on top of the horror of the news being reported, we also have the dishonesty of the news organizations working at the service of their advertisement sponsors.

Okay, I don’t know it is completely fictitious, but I am sure the news writer and editor knew it would not profit them as highly if the headline had read “NFL Player Posts Graphic Illustration Depicting Police Officer’s Throat Getting Slit.”


Isaiah Crowell is not a good role model for kids to look up to. NFL players are supposed to be good role models.


ESPN will probably defend him. Remember, repercussions for our actions is only for the little people like us.


Let’s see which of the following is more likely to be true

1.He posted the picture with the intent to de-escalate tensions that lead to violence.

  1. He posted that picture to actually incite and encourage increased hostility

  2. He is simply a lover of macabre art.


I just saw the image on WND. That was horrible! Very graphic and I believe was posted this with your 2nd statement in mind. Very disrespectful to the law enforcement community to do this.


Come on now; you sound like James Comey.


Using his public platform to whip up more anger and add to the tensions is really disappointing.

I’m in the UK so I haven’t heard of this guy, but would i want to pay for my children to watch him play sport - would i want my children to see him as a role model.


All he has to do is change his last name to Clinton and he’ll be home free.


This image must really be making the rounds on the internet.

It’s the same one that got the cop fired when threatened another poster, in this thread
Overland Park police officer fired after Facebook threat to Dallas woman


As if the Browns didn’t have enough to be embarrassed about.


Oh my… that’s horrible! Especially after the five officers were killed in the line of duty in Dallas. He shouldn’t be doing this anyhow, but he’s even done it AFTER that?! :mad:

We must pray for him (Mat. 5:44), and that his heart will be filled with loving intent. :angel1:

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