NFL season opens with 9/11 patriotism and protests in Seattle, Kansas City



I am only bothered about the Chargers losing. The players can do whatever they want.


You can have an effect by not buying products with their logos.


I am not going to watch any games nor buy any products.


I’m especially bothered that some high school football players across the country are doing the same thing.


I have a great idea for them - why not go on strike? That will really sock it to the Man. :wink:


St. Thomas (Landry) would not have put up with this.


According to Jerry Jones, when Landry worked for him, he was merely a Servant of God.




Wide receiver Doug Baldwin, whose father was a police officer and whose grandfather served in the military, acknowledged last week that keeping the message clear was important to the team as it considered what to do as a unit to show support during the 9/11 remembrance and for Kaepernick’s protest.

In a Facebook message, Baldwin explained what the Seahawks intend to do in a video, saying the team planned a show of unity. “We honor those who have fought for the freedom we cherish, and we stand to ensure the riches of freedom and the security of justice for all people. Progress can and will be made only if we stand together.”

It seems to be a gesture of understanding towards Kaepernick, rather than confrontation.

As for me, I think the Dallas Cowboys lost because they didn’t play their holocaust denier on many plays. I didn’t see him at all during the second half (on defense). He played 15 snaps, but didn’t see him at all during the second half.


Are you guys complaining about locking arms when standing and kneeling with hands over hearts? Do ya’ll complain more about the domestic violence and assault cases in the NFL?


I just hope no student is suspended or shot for not standing while others go about flying their confederate flags. But then maybe this Alabama high school PA announcer and the cheering crowd think their 2nd amendment rights allow them to line up against the fence those who exercise their 1st amendment rights and don’t stand, and then shoot them. :shrug:


Too bad no one mentioned Pinochet.

I am not going to watch any games nor buy any products.

Why not? The NFL had an attitude that respected the views of its players.


Apparently, the NFL only respects certain views.


I don’t know where you’re coming from with your post so I won’t comment, but maybe you should start a thread about your concerns. :shrug:

My point/opinion, and maybe I should have clarified, is that the students should worry more about their studies than making a political statement because their “heroes” are.


Considering that many of those are Black on Black crime, well, we know the media avoids that conversation at all costs because it doesn’t have the same political clout as when white male police officer shoots a Black male.

Most people just want to watch football while not being lectured on player or commentator personal views.

In fact, many views can’t even stand their football commentary let along the other stuff. :D:p


Dallas lost because they weren’t focused enough and time ran out. Sign of a young, inexperienced team.


Why would that bother you?


Yep, I agree. But then, it’s always better to not wear logos, isn’t it? I mean, I can handle Levi’s 501 corporate trademarks, I guess, if the jeans are extremely old and comfy and dear to you, but beyond that… Seriously, does any of that logo garbage ever look good? I certainly don’t think so. :shrug: But more to Monte’s actual point, I do agree completely; why walk around like a human billboard advertising the inane views of troglodyte sports heroes? I don’t even see why professional athletes views on 9/11 have to be acknowledged by the media to begin with.

I don’t even buy clothes with logos, unless they can just be easily removed with an x-acto knife. Who want’s to display “fashion” type garbage anyway? Isn’t plain, discrete anti-fashion the best fashion? Serious question, by the way. I can’t see Christ giving two hoots what brand of this or that he displays to the world.


I want to see David Irving more.

I don’t remember where the last play was. I wonder if Bailey could have booted it in.

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