NFL warns Texas that its proposed ‘bathroom bill’ could jeopardize its chances to host future Super Bowls


The NFL, which just held the Super Bowl in Texas, is warning that a “bathroom bill” targeting transgender persons could jeopardize future major events in that state. League spokesman Brian McCarthy said Friday that “discriminatory” legislation would “certainly be a factor” in awarding Super Bowls.

The Texas proposal would require individuals to use bathrooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate. A similar law in North Carolina led the NCAA to pull college championship events from that state.



The NFL and NCAA punish whole states for being rational, eh? In California where I live it is, sadly, a different story…


many years ago the NFL refused to have the Super Bowl in Arizona because we did not celebrate the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.
the next time it was put to a vote, it passed. to me that was almost a dishonor to Martin Luther King Jr. because it seemed the only reason people voted to have his birthday as a state holiday was not for being a great civil rights leader, but because we wanted the Super Bowl.


I’m getting sick of the left-wing totalitarianism found in private corporate policy though it is becoming rather easy to know which companies to avoid. Such companies have forgotten their roles.


I have come to accept that typical leftist behavior is to bully everyone to get their way.
It is very frightening to watch and the behavior is getting worse.



If the NFL and NCAA truly wanted to promote trans-whatever *restrooms, it is completely within their power to open their teams and locker-rooms to *trans-whatever *persons.


Think about that. :hmmm:

(* :twocents: Transgender is just a stoopid adjective to apply to restrooms. I have never used nor seen a masculine restroom. only men’s (or unisex) restrooms. :rolleyes: )



Have you ever heard of any trans man born a woman having the athletic ability to get anywhere close to making it on a D1 or NFL football term?


Is it bad that I don’t want trans women who look like women forced to come into the bathroom with my sons?


Not the point.


This is so dumb, the NFL could care less about any of this, they are just trying to ‘market’ to liberals, in hopes of gaining new fans/ paying customers.

 Why would a trans man or woman not be allowed to play in the NFL because of their

lack of ability? The NFL is being highly discriminatory.



But also: Have I ever heard of any trans-what** *man…? *Off the top of my head, have you ever heard of Dr Renee Richards or Caitlyn Jenner?



Actually they know their roles quite well. No organization wants to be on the wrong side of history and be associated with discrimination.


Are any other sports organizations making these same demands or just the NFL?


Yes there are. The NBA, for one.


According to the Washington Examiner, ten states are looking to introduce bathroom bills in 2017. If the NFL continues on like this, where are they going to be able to go if they seemingly care so much about such bills being introduced? New York, California and a few other states on the West and East coast?


The NBA did the same thing with the All-Star game, they moved from Charlotte NC to New Orleans. The irony is that the WNBA (sister league of the NBA) doesn’t allow biological men to play.


Interestingly, the next Super Bowl is scheduled to be held in Minnesota. The Washington Examiner lists Minnesota as having legislation that deals with the gender issue. Makes one wonder why Texas is being singled out now that there are no foreseeable Super Bowls to be held there anyway.:


House File 41 was introduced in the beginning of the month, and would require “all school restrooms, locker rooms, shower rooms, and changing rooms for use by multiple students be designated for and used by male or female students only.”

The legislation also “defines sex as being determined by chromosomes and sex assigned at birth,” and would only allow schools to provide separate accommodations such as single-stall facilities or faculty facilities in “special circumstances.”


Too bad organizations have no issues with being on the wrong side of history on a multitude of other issues not limited to ‘assisted suicide’ (a nonsensical term) that leaves many vulnerable people in danger and allows governments and/or private companies to dehumanize the sick even more, the sexual revolution that has done nothing but grow the list of STDs medical professionals have to manage on finite resources and leaving a trail of psychologically and emotionally damaged people, and the push to legalize recreational cannabis that will lead to the same social problems as tobacco and drunk driving.


If that’s your idea of “discrimination” I suggest you re-evaluate those left-wing inspired beliefs incompatible with your supposed faith according to Pope Francis who has blasted “gender theory” on any opportunity given in statements also backed by groups of US pediatricians. Any US organization still pandering this kind of totalitarianism brought on by Obama today can be more accurately described as being “on the wrong side of history.” The NFL’s role is to provide an outlet for players of football to play and for fans of the sport to watch, and that is all. They have no place in pushing this or any other regurgitated political nonsense which interests exactly no one tuning in to any given NFL game.

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