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I came across this system a while back. It looks as though it could remove a lot of human error with regard to NFP. I have NOT used this myself. I was just reading about it the other day. It seems it could prove beneficial to many here.

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH… and if others have used this… Please SHARE!!!

The Lady Computer

It’s quite spendy. But I think if it is as effective as they claim worth every penny!

Actually, fertility monitors are used as part of the Marquette Model of NFP, so this is something that a lot of women find extremely helpful! :thumbsup:

I’m a boring pencil & paper Sympto-Thermal gal, myself… but anything that can help people feel more confident in NFP is a good thing!
Thanks for sharing!

Interesting! I just started charting my fertility this summer. I’m single, but wanted to get a better understanding of myself. I use For right now, I use the basic free chart, which lets me input self-made readings. The program also sent me 20 lessons over my first cycle.

From what I read, the only difference between LadyComp and the FF online charting is the type of tool and “guarantee” that it’s accurate and takes 1-minute per day. I do remember the FF lessons saying you should be aware of changes in your CM throughout the day, account for things like a temperature drop overnight and if you’re sick, etc., factors that can affect the readings. So I don’t know how using a machine once a day can be totally accurate. But it may help for women with irregular cycles.

What’s the difference between one of the known methods of NFP Marquette & Creighton Models versus something like a fertility monitor like Ovacue or something along these lines?

I’m a Sympto-Thermal Method user… so maybe someone else can speak more on the specifics… but this is what I know…

The Creighton model stemmed from the mucous-only Billings method.
The Marquette method is also mucous-only, but incorporates a fertility monitor as part of the method (there is a specific model it suggests, but like I said, I’m not an expert in that area)…
And the Sympto-Thermal Method looks at 3 different signs… mucous, cervical position, and basal body temperature.

HTH a little! :slight_smile:

You can use fertility monitors to help confirm your charting, but you cannot use the monitor alone in place of charting if your goal is to avoid pregnancy.

Well, like I said, I haven’t used this system. However, they claim on the site that once it learns your body, there will be days that is states you are “infertile”… so in THEORY those would be safe days to avoid PG… It would be interesting to talk with someone who has used one of these…

Most of these fertitility monitors do chart so what’s the difference??? It would be like adding yourself or using a calculator…

I use Fertility Friend. I still take my temperature every day and observe mucus, but I plug the data into the website and it does all the “math” for me. It’s way cheaper than a device (it’s basically free–you don’t NEED the advanced features that come with a paid subscription) and it makes it SO so simple. I also like that we can log into it from anywhere (including our mobile phones) and that it has a “cycle planner” that uses my average ovulation dates to estimate potentially fertile days months into the future.

I used it trying to prevent, then I had my fourth daughter! Needless to say I never had real classes, and now am working with an NFP teacher. I’m pretty sure that I got pregnant because being sick threw my cycle off but I’ll never know. It’s now sitting in “time out” in my bathroom drawer, because while I love my baby and wouldn’t change her being here for the world, I don’t trust it enough to use it again. (I received it from my Sister in law who tried to use it to get pregnant with no luck).

If the device is only predicting fertility based on presence/absence of certain hormones in the urine that is not charting. I’m talking about charting the observation of mucus (and possibly temperature) in addition to measuring the hormones.

If you only measure hormones, you do not account for fertile mucus. Sperm can live 5-6 days in mucus. Therefore, you could have intercourse on a day that the monitor indicates is not fertile (i.e. not approaching ovulation levels of hormones) but if mucus is present the sperm can live almost a week, by which time you could be fertile.

I have one of those. I’ve been using it for the 4 months I’ve been married for, and no babies so far, so it’s working!! : )

In truth we have not personally used the fertility monitors but I would think that they took ‘fertile mucous’ into account. It’s 97% acurate which is about as good as NFP when used correctly.

Thanks for the info! I’ve been on NFP for the whole 9 years of my marriage and am pregnant with my 5th baby (and 2nd unplanned pregnancy) so something like this might come in handy, since the NFP alone isn’t working for me.

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