NFP - Abnormal Temps?


I am beginning NFP now - I’ve just had my first post-partum cycle. I am wondering if I am abnormal or something. When my hubby takes my temp in the morning it is so low there is not even a spot on my paper to chart it!!! I know I usually run a little low on average - for example in the middle of the day if I am completely healthy and such with no fever or illness my temp runs around 97.4-97.6. Now in the mornings with the basal temp thermometer it is between 96.5 and 96.9. I am not sure of what to do or think. The lowest that the temps on my CCL chart go to would be 97 degrees! :eek:

So is having a “subnormal” temp going to interefere? Should I adjust the numbers on my charts? Ahhh - so confusing!


Shouldn’t interfere… this happens to me every once in a while… same situation with the charts starting at 97…

I simply put my dot at 97, and write a note above the dot with the actual temp…

Usually my temp rise is VERY noticable and I’ve never had an issue with those low cycles…



I want to preface this post with a caveat, I am not a doctor, just a well read person who knows when medical intervention might need to be taken.

Well, this is usually a sign of infertility and/or thyroid problems(please note the usually as your normally low body temps. could be benign and have no other health issues). Start by adjusting the numbers on the charts to match your personal body temp. cycles making sure to note this at the top of the chart (above your name) so you can tell at a glance that this is an “adjusted” chart, then watch it for several cycles. If it is still low consider calling your Dr. to have your thyroid checked. Explain to him your “low” temperatures and ask for the complete work-up, not the simple one (there are two ways to test for thyroid problems and the simple one doesn’t pick up on the rarer problems).

Now don’t go worrying about it as you could just be naturally low temp. kind of person!

Brenda V.


We have the same issue.

Low temps.

We draw an extension down lower on the chart to account for the low temps.

Basically we extend the chart to show the temps.

But, you should really get some blood tests to check for hypothyroid or other problems. Just as a precaution.

You may also need to look into better nutrition.



I also have a lower normal body temp, which, in my case, does not seem to be related to thyroid function. However, in your case, you may want to observe for a few months. All hormonal functioning can be off for a few months following pregnancy, so it may just be a temporary thing. If it continues, go to the doctor. As a practicality, since my temps are low, I usually just re-label the charts with lower temp numbers.



I agree about getting some blood work done to make sure it’s not a medical problem such as thyroid problems. I’m not a medical person, either, but I have done plenty of reading to try to understand why my temps were low. After all the results were in, it turned out that I have hypothyroidism as well as PCOS. :frowning:


My temps are ALWAYS like that. I was frustrated with my instructors who kept telling me that “almost” always you will have a shift that is above 98 degrees. Well, that’s not the case for me. Just hold steady. I didn’t my first period after my daughter until she was something like 4 months old - I was bottle feeding.

We started NFP after she was born and it was really hard learning the mucus signs at first. But let me tell you, by the first period you’ll be a pro at mucus signs!!

Good luck!


My temps are also low, even after they rise. I just used my publishing program to make myself a new chart with lower temps; I print off a new one each month.

I never even thought about it being an indicator of possible problems.


I thought I read in one of the CCL publications that they are or have revised their charts to include 1/2 temps and lower temps as well. I can’t remember when it’s due to be released.


I didn’t know either until a similar subject came up on a listserv I am on.

This is what I find as wonderful about practicing NFP, it isn’t just for spacing children! There are so many medical problems that can be worked out using the charts!! Knowing what is “normal” for you chart wise and getting several “abnormal” charts can indicate a problem from something as simple as a bad cold or the flu to thyroid problems.

Brenda V.


Okay, I’m lazy. I use software to record my temps & signs/symptoms. I like that it estimates cycle/fertility dates, I like that it tracks a coverline, even if it’s occasionally not what I’d agree with (in which case I just tweak it). It also gives reminders for SBE & such. Call me “geek”!

I had very low temps, too - and a totally normal thyroid workup. It was just my “normal” morning state (catatonic?!). The software covers a wider range of temps, including the really low ones, so no need to adjust. There’s another cool feature that lets you either post your charts to a protected webspace or send them directly to your doctor.

If you’re interested, there’s a free trial: (“Taking Charge of Your Fertility”). If you have questions about the software, there are free forums for discussion of both technical issues & chart questions.

Good luck!


Me, too–I know that low temps can indicate hypothyroidism, but I have always had them–even when I was hyPERthyroid (Graves’ Disease). But it’s always a good idea to have your thyroid checked–should be routine. It’s a simple blood test.


I hear that. My wife has a goiter on her thyroid which makes temperature readings for NFP IMPOSSIBLE for us.

We found this out 8 months ago when the temperature reading and all other signs showed her to be infertile. Yet she conceived - three times. We are on our third baby now who will be born in a few weeks.



Yep abnormal temps can be a sign of low thyroid. I took my chart to my D.O. (an MD with naturopathic tendencies,) and he put me on kelp pills. They tasted icky so I switched to nori sheets. Those are those green sheets of dried kelp that sushi is wrapped in. They are even scored to cut the sushi evenly. I cut them into strips and suck on them while I read. YUMMY! But then I like sushi.

It’s worth a try to get those temps up. I’m healthier with the higher temps. I don’t get as many swollen glands. Without kelp my temps can be in the 95 range. With kelp I get an even 97.3 every day of phase 2. I feel so much better and have fewer headaches.

Same thing here…I’m not a medical person, but it has helped me.


A simple interim solution would be to add 1 degree to your temp and mark it on the sheet. So, your 96.4 would be written in as 97.4, etc. This way you would still see the rise and fall and be able to discern your fertile and infertile times.

Also, definitely mention the low temps at your next doctor visit. They could be symptomatic as mentioned by others.


I called my family doctor this morning and asked about my low temps. He knows my medical history and my current health and he said he had absolutely no concerns about it. He feels that everything is otherwise normal and I just must be a low temp kind of gal. So, I am not worried - I trust his judgement and I will just adjust my charts accordingly.


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