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I will try to make this short.

In 2006 I had a beautiful daughter and lived with my boyfriend since then. We decided to get married in 2009. When we attended the pre-marital classes at our parish they talked to us about the church's teaching on family planning/ birth control, ect. They only recommended us to attend a NFP class taught by a couple through Couple to Couple League but did not require us. Up to that point I had been using the Depo injection (knowing it was going against the churches teaching but I guess premarital sex is also) My know husband actually came up with the idea of us attending the NFP classes and we did. We attened the classes prior to our wedding and used NFP for about 7 months and then we conceived our son who is now 5 months.

I have tried to continue to use NFP that we where taught but since I am not exclusively breastfeeding (he takes a bottle of expressed breast-milk when I am completing an internship and in school) I have had a hard time. I constantly observe mucous and feel unsure about when I am fertile or not.

Can someone offer any suggestion about how to continue to use the method taught by CCL when I have not had my first menstrual period and not exclusively breastfeeding?

Can you prey for my husband to have patience for me to understand the method and not push me to use other forms of birth control (he wants to consistently use condoms or withdrawal)?



You should be charting, at least mucus and cervical position, (and temping if it is reasonably possible). Mucus maybe confusing because you might have hormone surges that will cause some mucus. Not all mucus is fertile mucus so try to distinguish the difference, using the CCL distinctions. You are looking for changes in the mucus and cerical position. For me, when I had mucus patches we would abstain until I dried up and waited the 3 days, at least early on. It was confusing, but because I was watching my mucus, when I did ovulate at 8 months postpartum it was clearly different and fertile mucus. Some women have lots of luck with the cervical position check. Em_in_Fl is the Sympto-themal master and can probably answer all your questions.


I know alot of people use another similar website to help chart and track signals. Others use ovulation predictors from the store, but that can get expensive.

Me...I am a sinner and prefer ABC


[quote="Maureen1125, post:3, topic:230349"]

Me...I am a sinner and prefer ABC


I'm not sure if this is a confession, a recommendation or a judgment. It is an odd statement after giving a good recommendation to the OP's question.

I highly recommend continuing doing what the OP can on the NFP front. Additional technical input for NFP is always a good idea.

For Maureen, though, I worry. As through my experience ABC ended up becoming a really big problem in my marriage as time went on. Since ABC promotes a casualness to act, is it any wonder that infedelity is up as well as the divorce rate. For any that might be tempted to take an easier approach to this problem I would highly recommend Theology of the Body for beginners. It does a very good job of explaining why ABC is not part of God's plan for us.


What's ABC? Thank you.


[quote="Cecilia_Dympna, post:5, topic:230349"]
What's ABC? Thank you.


Artificial Birth Control. Basically, any means by which intercourse is not taken to it's natural end.


Thank you


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