NFP and mistaken day


So if a married couple is using NFP and they start having intercourse and then realize that they have the days confused, what are they supposed to do? Must the man finish in the woman?




Yes…to not “finish” inside the woman is not the marital act and mortal sin. Any kind of sex that is not “the marital act” is mortal sin. you learn this in NFP classes.



Depending on how far along they were, I could see it being permissible to simply stop is still early enough were doing so would not result in the man “finishing” at all…


Agree with all of the above.


I think it is permissible to stop. It’s like saying you were in the act and your baby started crying or whatever and needed attention. You wouldn’t have to finish.

Full Intent is everything people…the couple mentioned in the OPs post didn’t fully intend to go halfway and stop. It’s not an all or nothing deal here. If that’s the case, what about when we wash up in the evening…do we have to finish sexually? The sin is either in artificially contracepting on purpose or completing the act outside of the woman.


Are you asking if you have to finish intercourse, can one finish the act outside of the woman, or can one stop all together? I’d say no, DEFINATELY NOT, yes.


Do you mean, while you’re being intimate, you suddenly remember it’s not the day you thought? —KCT


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