NFP and pre-menopause


Any one else in this stage? and trying to get a handle on it all?

I’ve always had disgustingly dependable cycles of 28 - 29 days. However, my last one was just whonky - about 45 days (although it felt much longer!). And while I thought I had a pretty good sense of when I ovulated, it was still pretty freaky waiting for my period to start. No surprise to me, it arrived 14 days past ovulation day. We use mucous only, although I do know how to temp - I’m mostly too lazy and predictable to keep up with it.

What really threw me for the loop was in the middle of that cycle, I was recalled to have a second look mammogram (all was fine). But the technician was really freaked out when I couldn’t swear I wasn’t pregnant and they ended up just doing an ultrasound. The tech acted as if I was too young to be having premenopause symptoms - I thought I was in the range of normal. She had me almost convinced to do a pregnancy test.

I know the Couple to Couple league just published a new book about this stage that I will be ordering soon.

Anyway, just wanted to hear from others who are in this phase of growing up!



Yeah - I’m there I believe. My cycles have always been long and/or irregular, but I don’t think it’s anymore difficult to chart if you convince yourself to ignore “time”. We’ve always been reeeealllly lazy charters, though, so maybe since it’s never been crucial to avoid a pregnancy it was easier for us…

I have had a few anovulatory cycles where you wait, and wait some more, for nothing as it turns out. Oh well no big deal. Just a little bit longer of an abstinence period. It’s not the end of the world!


hi kwitz, I am currently going through perimenopausal symptoms…hot flashes, night sweats, cycles are not predictable, bleeding in between times, etc. yep, gotta love the changes. NOT.

I have been using NFP (mucous observations for 12 yrs.) to avoid due to severe health problems. I have an awesome NFP RN practitioner that I’ve been using for several yrs. I can call her at any time if I have questions, especially after I have a surgery and things go haywire due to the anesthesia, IV meds, etc.

If you need support or have questions, just PM. I’m there for you as I can truly relate.

good luck and God Bless. :smiley:

BTW: mine started when I hit 39 and I’m 41 now.


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