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I’ve been trying to search for this all day, but I get a blank screen instead of search results (really irritating because I’ve seen the results I’m looking for before on here… :mad: ). My wife was Confirmed last week and I will be at the Easter Vigil. Long story short, my prayers were finally answered when she told me that she wanted information on NFP. I started looking and found lots of good info, but it’s all spread out across books and websites and pamphlets. I have located NFP instructors in the area we are going to be moving to in June, but until then I wanted to get her a book. I’m really looking for an “NFP for Dummies”-type book to get us started, then chose a book based on the method we feel is best for us. Thanks.


My fiance and I have just finished our NFP classes at our parish. I would advise you to explore these websites for the Billings Ovulation Method; as well as, consulting with your parish’s priest about the subject. We attended an introduction to-class that was initiated by our priest and are so grateful that he did. The information we were given has brought my fiance and I closer together because it is a shared experience.

Before buying any books, please ask about and look into the BOM.

Good luck!

From the WOOMB website:
The Billings Ovulation Method (BOM) is a means of natural fertility regulation that does not require any form of rhythm counting, temperature taking, drugs or devices.

The BOM enables couples to share the responsibility for planning their family, thereby enhancing their relationship.

The BOM relieves concern about the effects of chemical contraceptives on health.

The BOM is applicable from puberty to menopause, in times of breastfeeding, post hormonal medication and approaching menopause. It can be used to achieve or avoid pregnancy. Cycles do not have to be regular.

The BOM has great success in helping couples achieve a pregnancy where their fertility may have been in doubt.

The BOM is based on the symptoms of fertility and infertility. Mucus, which is produced at the cervix, is felt by a woman at the vulva as she goes about her daily activities. A woman never needs to touch the mucus with her fingers and internal investigation is never required.

Every woman has a right to knowledge and understanding of her fertility and reproductive health.


First off, contact your diocese to see if there are any LOCAL classes. Taking a class from a real, live instructor is going to always be the best first route.
However, there are several different “methods” for NFP out there, so if you find the method you’re using isn’t working out for you, consider trying others…
Here is some good information on some of the most popular methods:

Sympto-Thermal Method:

Creighton Model:

Marquette Method:

Hope that helps!


I found ‘Taking Charge of Your Fertility’ to be extremely helpful as an overview. It gave me a good idea of the different types of NFP and how each can (or can not) be used to conceive or avoid conception. It’s a good start and then you can take classes to get the details, chart and get specific questions answered.



My fiance and I are going to a class run by The Couple to Couple League. From what we have read, this seems to be the closest to what you are probably looking for as far as ease of understanding. My fiance and I are both from very strong science backgrounds (he is a developmental biologist with a strong interest in genetics so he has that whole conception thing pretty figured out from a biology perspective) so we actually have found the materials to be a bit overly simplified for our tastes. I think we are also going to look into the Creighton model because from what I have read it cites a lot of their research journal articles and we are numbers and data-driven people. I really don't think you can go wrong with Couple to Couple League though if they are in your area.


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