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Hi everyone,

My girlfriend and I plan to get married as soon as we are out of college (in about 2 years), and we need some information about NFP classes. We are both Catholic, and plan to practice NFP once we are married, and we have a few questions.

  1. Where can we find NFP classes offered?

  2. Do they cost anything to take?

  3. I’ve heard there are different versions of it…which one is best to use (she has PCOS, so that complicates her cycle)?

  4. How long do classes usually take to complete?

Thank you for any and all information, we really appreciate everything we can learn about this.


. Where can we find NFP classes offered?

My wife and I found them by calling a local Catholic hospital. They put us in touch with a couple teaching classes.

  1. Do they cost anything to take?

The cost was nominal - Maybe $50 (and they provided a course book)

  1. I’ve heard there are different versions of it…which one is best to use (she has PCOS, so that complicates her cycle)?

we use the sympto-thermal NFP method. worked for us flawlessly. (i say ‘worked’ because we are currently pregnant - by choice - but after baby comes, we’ll go right back to it.)

  1. How long do classes usually take to complete?

2 hours on 2 consecutive weekends.




Go to the website for the Couple to Couple League, an organization dedicated to teaching NFP.
If I remember correctly, you can enter the city you live in, and it will tell you where the nearest teaching couples are located. This is the sympto-thermal method which is what we’ve practiced for over 20 years. God bless you! Theresa


I also suggest Creighton, I think it’s the best “bang for your buck” so to speak :slight_smile: Not only will you guys be able to use the charting for postponing and achieving pregnancy but if you can find a nurse or physician who is trained to read your girlfriend’s chart properly, they’ll be able to see the PCOS in her cycle by her mucus patterns and probably offer some treatments that could help (and that would be ethical). Here is the website, on the left sidebar you can search for teachers in your area.

DH and I took the classes 6 months before the wedding…now…I ditched my charting (diligently) when we got married because we didn’t have a reason to postpone, but we decided not to actively try either…we just let things happen. And lo and behold…my first ultrasound is next week :slight_smile:


Call your local Catholic diocese, office of Family Life, and they can give you a listing. You can also find instructors from the websites of the various methods. (

Generally, yes. However cost varies from method to method, and often there are options for a reduced fee based on financial need.

I suggest you look at all three methods listed above, Couple To Couple League, Creighton, and Billings. Talk with an instructor about the PCOS specifically.

I do know that many PCOS women choose Creighton due to the work Dr. Hilgers does with fertility problems trying to conceive:

This varies by method, but not less than 4 months I would say.


Yes, call your diocesan family life office to find them. I too have PCOS and agree that Creighton will probably be your best bet, especially if you have instructors who have trained at the Pope Paul VI Institute. They helped me learn what my body was doing, because it was NOTHING that was in the books! But I now know how to track it anyway. Charges usually aren’t too high, you will have individual follow-up sessions with your instructor (usually a nurse or nurse practitioner) for a few months. It is definitely worth it thought, especially if she has PCOS.


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