NFP: Difference btwn Billings and Creighton?


I've tried researching online and son't understand what the difference is btwn the 2. It seems that they're both mucous only.

What method do you prefer and why?



Creighton is standardized teaching, most of the time with a health professional. It is scientifically based observation (all the time, every time no exceptoions). Creighton also is used for any health issues with NAPRO doctors. They use the charts to help diagnose and treat fertility issues.


I'm currently learning Creighton. I formally used Billings.

The Chart is very similar (the newer Billings chart has stickers that Creighton does not have, a red dot sticker to indicate spotting)

The rules are similar, but Creighton is more specific on how to recognize fertile mucus.

I think both are user friendly.


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