NFP & endometrial ablation


Has anyone ever had to have an endometrial ablation done due to serious health reasons?

Also, can one still chart their fertility using NFP (I'm talking about the baby stickers) to avoid pregnancy after the ablation??

I just got back from my Gyn -- had to have a uterine biopsy (very painful) and have to go in now for some tests due to some serious problems I'm having. I can't (I refuse as well) take hormones, won't do a hysterectomy unless it's life or death, and will NOT get my tubes tied. I already got a 2nd and 3rd opinion. (sigh) :(

I plan to get my hematologist and primary MD involved to see if they have any insight but my main concern is using NFP as DH & I want to still use it.

Feel free to PM me as I have many questions and anyone who has gone through this, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. God Bless. ~lisa


I'm sure the BBT would not be affected, not so sure about CM. I'm sure you've been told that endometrial ablation usually results in sterility but pregnancy is possible and carries very serious health risks. CAF rules forbid other users to give medical advice, so all I will say is be sure to understand those health risks with ablation and the risks associated with whatever hysterectomy (full or partial) that is offered as an alternative and weigh them carefully. Good luck and I hope you're healthy.


I don't need medical advice. I just want to know if I can still use the CM observation to avoid pregnancy w/NFP. As I stated before, a hysterectomy WILL NOT be done unless it is life or death for me. The risks/benefits were already explained to me. I just want to know if NFP can still be used.

ty for your post.


I think you should talk to an NFP expert, i.e., health care provider.
It would be very risky to take advice from an individual on this forum. A person could tell you they used NFP successfully to avoid pregnancy when in fact they were unknowingly infertile following the ablation.


I already put a call in to my NFP practitioner. For the record, I am a very educated patient due to my many medical problems.

I just wanted to hear from personal experiences, someone who’s been through it themselves and would be willing to share how it affect them. (for ex–where they in pain for days afterward? can they resume using NFP until they were in complete menopause my biggest concern*, where their cycles better afterward?)

All I wanted was to speak to someone who has been there, done that. that’s all.


can't discuss medical advice here, my suggestion would be to post a question on EWTN Q&A to Judie Brown on Pro-Life and ask her to refer it to the pro-life doctor she uses as a resource, he is very good.


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