NFP - Ever conceived on a 'definate' phase III day?


Hi all…any NFPers conceived on a phase iii ‘non-fertile’ day? Or had a ‘maybe’ that turned out to be negative?

My wife says she can not emotionally handle another child (we have one 18mth old)…now it seems like she may be ‘late’…

I would love to have more children, but she does not. If she is pregnant, she will never never ever trust NFP as a method of spacing children. I will either end up then in a sexless marriage, or she will get on ABC or tubes ties, or whatever. She is Catholic, but just doesn’t really care what the church teaches on certain subjects; she is more of a realist.

We talked about the fact that she may be pregnant, and she didn’t seem to freak out, but I am scared of her and her reaction if she is.

I guess this is more of a vent then a question, but the original still remains…any of you ever been in my situation, or had a ‘scare’ while using NFP? (Not really a ‘scare’, but for her it is!)


She could be late due to stress. 18 mo olds can do that to a mom :slight_smile:

If she is pregnant, you never know how God could use the child to work on her heart. —KCT


But the late part always means that ovulation was delayed…right? Since we NFP, we temp and chart, and she had the temp rise and mucous coincide like they usually do, and had ovulation pains on the day of suspected ovulation, and we waited till day 4 after…but its been like 15-16 days since then, and every morning, she’s been 98.4…usually she drops in the 97s right before her cycle…

I know God works in ways we don’t understand, and I pray that she doesn’t lose her mind and resent me in the process.


I would say it’s possible to conceive on a “phase III” day IF she ovulated twice during one cycle (double ovulation happened to me once).

BUT you said she’s been temping and has had a consistant “high temperature” throughout phase III? In that case I would doubt she had a double ovulation. Double ovulation would be apparent through mucous and a second temperature spike.

Is it possible that you could have conceived during phase I?
If her period was due today it’s probably not too early to test, just in case…

I will pray for your family. I sympathize with the stressful situation. Trust that God will lead you to where He wants you to be.


I know God works in ways we don’t understand, and I pray that she doesn’t lose her mind and resent me in the process.

There are moments when I wonder, “what were you thinking God?! How in tarnation is this going to get us to heaven?”

However, I will point out we have 6 children, and the worst pregnancy was not the last one.

And if it’s your 18 mo old’s behavior that is scaring your wife away from more children, then a second child could easily change her mind. I know of one couple who were thinking of stopping after 1, but now have 4 with one on the way.

Sometimes a mom gets worn out because she dotes on the only child too much. It isn’t until a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th one shows up that the mom learns that it’s just plain impossible to satisfy all the demands of a child because she has to take care of another child. And that can be the first step in learning that it’s OK to not meet every demand because mommy has to take care of herself.


Nope…we never do Phase I.


My fertility care practitioner says it’s impossible to ovulate two separate times in the same cycle… She says that some people mistake a false pre-peak build up of mucus for an ovulation, but stress hinders the egg from actually releasing…so there is either a few dry days or non-peak type mucus and then the build-up begins again and actual ovulation occurs. Just trying to add her perspective into the mix. :slight_smile: She teaches Creighton model, which I use.


Our 18 mth old is an absolute angel. Probably the best behaved 18 mth old on the planet. I think the worn out part is pretty valid, though…it’s like it’s all she thinks about. We have one of those video baby monitors, and the screen is on from 8:00pm until she goes to sleep @ 9, and then it’s the first thing she does before she gets out of bed in the morning is turn on the screen again. She keeps the volume turned way up most nights because she ‘likes to hear the baby breathing’.


That’s right, Abby. This type of thing is what we refer to as a “double” peak. We always use quotes around the “double” since it is impossible to ovulate more than once in a given cycle. (This of course does not count for non-identicle twins, etc. where there is more than one ovulation, because those ovulations ocurred in the same 24 hour period–not relavent to the NFP users instructions.)

It could certainly be possible that this is what you have/are experiencing, OP. Also, is it possible that a contact pregnancy could have ocurred, if you are expecting? Remember that it is possible to conceive without having intercourse.

You are in my prayers as you go through this difficult time. Please keep us posted.


No contact pregnancy…we behave.

She had a little mucous right after her period, then a few/several days of dry, then 3 days of stretchy, then dried up some, then scant/nothing (which is normal for her throughout her cycle, she is never completely dry). She also had pain in her side during the last day of stretchy. Temps climbed to over 98.4 during that time, and at day 3 of over 98.4, she was on day 3 or 4 of mucous dry-up. We had relations on day 4 after the temp spike.


IF she has conceived after the 3rd day of Phase III, then perhaps you have a miracle baby on the way! :smiley:


It is possible to release more than one egg during a cycle (hence some twins!)… and the time period between the releasing of the eggs can be up to 24 hours apart.
So you can distinctly see the two ovulations if you know what to look for.


Could be!

If you want to be more certain, you can try one of those early pregnancy tests like First Response, or whatever it is called.

Once in awhile I’ll have a really long phase III. No idea why. :slight_smile:

Do you have an NFP teacher you can talk to about your wife’s charts?


Ah. Monthly visitor came this morning. I did ask her about ‘what if’…she said that if she was preg, not much she could do about it. I let her know my fears of her coming unglued, and she didn’t really have too much to say, so I guess it’s much better than I thought.

Not really happy one way or another over the deal…kind of indifferent I guess.


It can be kinda tough if hopes had been up that there may be a new little baby one the way… so I understand your “indifference”…

God bless… maybe this was God’s way of having you start a conversation with your wife… all in His time.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

So much common sense…can only come from someone who has made it over the 2 or three child hurdle… Thank you.

People like you have helped me stay positive and I never had to cross a hurdle in transitioning from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 and I am also not afraid of 5…


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