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I am curious about NFP and what all in entails. Can anyone direct me where to find good reliable info about it?
I am afraid of it because we cannot afford any more kids right now, but I like the idea of it. I am just so afraid of messing up.
Any good links or anything to get info from?


There are several different “methods” of NFP… I’m personally very fond of the “sympto-thermal method”. If you google that you can find LOTS of great info on the web…

Here are some of my favorite links about the sypto-thermal method of NFP…

Hope that helps a bit… at least as a place to start on the internet.

Another great resource is going to be your parish or diocese. Usually most dioceses offer NFP classes, which is really great to have teachers available to answer questions.

Good luck and God bless!


The three primary methods are Creighton, Billings, and Sympto-Thermal. and

You will find good info at these sites. Educating yourself is the first step in overcoming your anxiety.


These gals have given you great links. I have never used NFP (or anything else for that matter) so I can’t help much in that area, but I wanted you to know that I have family members that have used NFP and its worked out well for them. I have one family member that started using NFP after she nearly died giving birth to her 5th child and was told she could not get pregnant again and it has been about 13 years now since they have been using it, no pregnancies. There are many people on here that can give you more experiences, anecdotes, and advice. Maybe you use the search button on this site to read different threads on here on NFP.
You can also read some non-technical books and documents on NFP so you can learn about the supernatural aspects of it, (like books from Pope John Paul II or Catholic Church documents)… I hope you find the information you need!



I taught myself how to use NFP by reading The Art of Natural Family Planning. It’s a huge book, but an easy read if you’re really interested. Here’s the link on


There is also the Marquette Model, which uses the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor in conjunction with CM and/or BBT.


I just started the home study course using sympto-thermal. It uses the book The Art of Natural Family Planning.

I got the home study kit at It costs about $80. You get the book, a basal thermometer, you can send in your charts for review and advice, plus they send you a whole bunch of relevant pamplets. Very intresting. Oh, and you get a magazine.

I am only on my second cycle using it, but it is really easy. I am using nfp for the same reason - we would really like more children, but our situation in life does not call for it right now.

I was very nervous too. You just have to trust yourself. And, it is very neat to be so in tune with your body and know what is going on.

Good luck!


Go Creighton Method! :extrahappy:
My wife and I find it easy to use and it has worked with us. The best way to do it is find a practitioner who will meet with you periodically to teach you the method and go over your charts.

Also if you can find a Gyn who is pro NPF (or even knowledgeable about it) is a big plus. My wife went to one GYN and she called the Creighton method baby roulette and was under the impression that it and all NFP was just the Rythem Method.


The difficulty in practicing NFP is not really the understanding the mechanics, it is the discipline of every day taking care of it and following the rules even when you really don’t want to!


I think that is what concerns me the most that I might get lazy or forget and end up with an oops baby. Obviously I think children are a gift from God and would never do anything less than love and care for a child planned or not, but there is some fear there.
I am reading all the links I was given and am going to get some more reading materials I find it all truly fascinating, and would love to try it.
This info has been very helpful.


Honestly, since my husband and I have had our first child we find it much easier to follow the rules and abstain when necessary. I guess the impact of a child on our lives is now a reality and the constant reminder of the consequence of sexual intimacy has made an impact on how seriously we follow NFP. Believe me, lately there’s no way we would get “lazy” or certainly not “forget” to follow it.


Don’t worry about the laziness thing. DH and I are very cautiously avoiding pregnancy right now , so for us poorly timed laziness can mean extra…waiting… during each cycle. That can definitely motivate a couple to be diligent. :slight_smile:

It’s also helpful when both spouses are involved. If it was up to only one or the other of us, it would be a lot harder.

I love NFP though. Would never ever ever want to use ABC after my experiences so far, and it’s really handy being aware of your cycles on a daily basis, even if you are not married. If I ever have a daughter, I plan to teach her how to chart her cycles as soon as she starts having them!


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