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I do STM, but Vivi has been sick lately, so I have been in and out of bed- thus I have not gotten enough sleep to get a good temp reading.
How reliable is just using mucus readings for times like this? I have a pretty regular and reliable cycle, but I just worry a bit, because DH and I are avoiding, for the time being.



Creighton is based on muccous only. This is because it is the main indicator of whether sperm can swim or be blocked and if it can survive. All other indicators used in STM are secondary.

I know youare doing STM, but if you are going to rely on muccous readings, make sure you are scientific in observation…

this means every time at the bathroom, before and after. Every night before bed, and bear down. Before showers, swimming, etc.

Maybe check on creighton’s rules if you are seriously avoiding right now.


STM isn’t just the “Thermal method”… symptoms are an important and vital part!

I personally rely MOSTLY on the mucous and cervical position indicators. I recommend doing internal checks and becoming familiar with the cervical position (I find this symptom the most useful)… it gives you definitive indications of both the fertile phase 2, and the transition into phase 3.

Study it, and practice it… you can definitely do a good job even if you don’t have perfect temperature readings…

Good luck!!!


I think I have been doing something ‘wrong…’:confused: Most of the time, my ‘readings’ are nothing…like not clear mucus, and not colored mucus. Like no mucus on many days…and I should be ‘due’ for my cycle, soon. I am wondering if my multivitamins are throwing things–they change the color of my urine, and I’m wondering if that is causing the reading to be obscure. Any advice would be appreciated.

(Sorry Patienceandlove–just thought I’d ask that question)


I agree with Em, the cervix symptoms for me are most helpful. The mucus readings are very reliable, but not if you’re only trained in STM. You really need to study Creighton if you’re going to rely on mucus alone. Once you add in the cervix symptom though, you don’t need to fuss so much with your temps in my experience with STM.

whatevergirl, I changed my multivit recently too, and my mucus sign is very different than it has been in previous months. It’s a healthier sign! Your vitamin can have an effect on your mucus sign, lots of things can. The change in the color of your urine is probably from B vitamins, one in particular does that, I don’t remember which one, but my multi does the same thing. If you’re due for your cycle soon, you’re not going to see much of a mucus sign right now. Your mucus sign is most prominent at the beginning of your cycle, usually the first week after you menstruate. Mine is usually heaviest around days 9-12 or about there. But some women really don’t have a prominent mucus sign. That’s why I think the cervix sign in combination is so extremely helpful.


Well if you’ve already ovulated and are just before your period, usually you should not have mucus (not fertile anyway). Typicallyfollowing AF you will have a buildup of fertile mucus and then past peak there is an obvious change, either you dry up or a significan lessening of fm.

Hope this helps.


It’s quite alright!
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