NFP meeting at my medical school


I wrote here a little while ago about my husband and me starting a Catholic organization at our medical school. That was back in September and I wanted to report that we are going strong. Every Friday during Lent and every month before, we had a lunch time Rosary. We held a bake sale, and raised some money for our organization. Since it was our first year we were very poor and had no money in the treasury. But I have to say that the biggest suprise were the people that have donated money to our organization. One of our officer’s parents donated $350. Another lady that came to the Rosary would always surrepticiously leave us $20 under the crock pot (although we saw her, we never said anything because we knew that she wanted us not to see). My mom cooked a meatless soup for us during Lenten Rosaries and comes to all our meetings. My aunt heard about our efforts and donated another $50. The response has been so wonderful that I have tears in my eyes. I was really afraid that everyone would think that we weren’t needed because we already had a Chritian Medical Association at my school.

Yesteday, we invited a NFP instructor to come talk at lunch. I could not sleep the night before for fear that no one would show up or that they would be rude. None of that happened. We bought food for 70 people and all of it was gone. Yes gone!!! And people stayed around to ask questions and were very curious about the Creighton method. It was definately a success. I have pictures but I don’t know if I should post them since other people are in them and I don’t have their permission. However, in just a couple of months we will have a great website and then I will be able to direct you there.

God bless everyone.


Well, Eliza, this is truly wonderful. God bless you and your husband for taking on this ministry. It is needed so much!

I don’t know if you are aware of the group One More Soul, but they have resources for the medical community. Visit for their brochures & CDs.


What a blessing! It is people like you who make a difference in this world. You saw a need, had an idea, and actually followed through! I wish I did that more often. Thanks to you for educating future doctors!


I agree, Thank you for educating our doctors. I can’t wait for the day when NFP is mentioned as freely as the pill or condoms.

Thank you for your courage.


That is Awesome Eliza!!! God know what I would have given for my obstetrician to understand about Catholics and birth control! When I had my 6 wk check up after my first child this doctor would not take no for an answer when he offered me the pill. I tried everything from I don’t believe in it to I smoke…even insulted him and asked how much he loved his wife when he told me his wife was going back on the pill after she gave birth…Finally I told him my husband wouldn’t let me and he accepted that! I am so proud of you and grateful to you for having the courage to start a group like that!!!


[quote=ElizaE] However, in just a couple of months we will have a great website and then I will be able to direct you there.


God bless you for your wonderful missionary work!

When you get around to setting up your website you might want to check out they are a Catholic web hosting business (and they are cheap).


Two huge advantages to share with your colleagues are 1) NFP works whether you are on vacation or run out of pills. You take it with you where ever you go. 2) It helps you track your fetility cycle. This can be most helpful in determining if one has a problem and not finding out about it five years in the future when they want to start a family.


[quote=ElizaE]God bless everyone.

And God bless you and your husband!!! :clapping:


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