NFP & Menopause


I’ve always been very regular that I know exactly when in my cycle I ovulate so have determined my fertile days based on this. However, I realize, as I approach menopause that this method may no longer be effective. Which is the most effective technique for determining fertility during menopause or for people who are not regular?


Have you ever taken an NFP class?

As far as I’m aware, all methods of NFP are equally effective in determining fertility, regardless of cycle regularity. That’s because each cycle is looked at independently; you don’t base your “future” on your “history.” Make sense?


No! Maybe we should. Regularity has always been effective.


You are one lucky couple, being so regular!! :smiley: Wow! My ovulation happens anywhere from day 14 to 21 (and most recently, day 41 – but that was a breastfeeding thing).

Totally take a class! I’m not sure how much more difficult (if at all) it will be learning during menopause, but you’ll do fine, I’m sure.


Basically, you are still using Rythm, not scientific NFP.

IMO, menopause would be tough to track using the thermometer methods, look up the Billing Method and/or Creighton Method of NFP. Instead of relying on a calender, these methods use detectable symptoms in your body to determine fertility. Because of this, it won’t matter HOW wildly your cycle varies, you can track it. But start soon, so you get good at reading the symptoms while you are still regular. Then you will be more comfortable reacting when things change.


I want to echo everyone’s answer about regularity… NFP does NOT require regularity!..
My “regular” (as I like to call them) cycles range anywhere from 27 to 40 days… and I’m easily able to use NFP…

Any method of NFP would work… all (that I’m aware of) teach methods for watching cervical mucous for the onset of your fertile phase…

The sympto-thermal method’s use of the thermometer is only to verify the onset of the infertile phase of the cycle… it also teaches cervical position and mucous…

I highly recommend taking an NFP course…
Good luck on your adventure!


If you’ve never taken NFP classes, you really need to do that. You can get the info about teaching couples near you from the Couple to Couple League website which is I am in the early stages of menopause, at 51 years of age. I have never been regular, my temps have never been very easily interpreted, but the mucus signs have been obvious. I have also found that it’s easier for me to observe the mucus signs if I take my fish oil capsules regularly. This is probably more info than you wanted but , hey, you asked! : )


Never too much info in my book. I’m the one who has to be told at the table that maybe other people don’t want to hear about certain things while they’re eating.



You, too, huh? :blush: I’m always getting the disgusted, “We’re Eating!” look… :smiley:


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