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I am 4 months postpartum with my 5th child, a beautiful little boy. I’ve had 5 children in the last 7 years. We’d love to have more children but are discerning waiting about a year before trying to conceive due to health reasons. We initially thought total abstinence would be the best option for us, however I am reconsidering NFP being a more prudent option to avoid falling into sin. I have never used NFP and don’t know anything about charting etc. I am exclusively breastfeeding and experience breakthrough estrogen bleeding every 2-3 weeks and usually my period returns 6-9months with irregular and often long cycles (35-55 days) I am wondering what specific method anyone would recommend for someone who’s never learned it and are in the more difficult stage of postpartum cycle if someone could point me into a good direction.i am also wondering if there’s effective methods that don’t involve cervical or internal checks.

Also wanted to add if there’s a way to learn online as I don’t have the opportunity to be away from my
children for classes due to lack of childcare

Creighton, no internal checks, many instructors do Skype sessions or will come to your home.

Marquette is Creighton + a fertility monitor. Both can be linked here:

Billings also seems to tick your boxes


We used Marquette in the postpartum period after our first. I found an instructor online and did an intro with her via Skype. There was a fee for continued instruction, but it was helpful to have her expertise and guidance. I used Marquette starting at about 2 months postpartum. My period returned at 7 months pp, and I continued using that method all the way until we decided to start “trying to whatever” (TTW). I am 7 weeks along with our second now, and we were able to use Marquette until our son was about 19 months, which is when we got pregnant again.

Marquette is often recommended pp because it is more “objective,” using a fertility monitor. There are different ways to use Marquette as well…you can use just the fertility monitor or add cervical mucus and/or temps as additional cross-checks. I used a Tempdrop to also check temps (this particular device was sooo helpful since I was waking up frequently to breastfeed but still able to get reliable temps).

Marquette can be a little pricier, but I felt much more confident using that method than any other. I had taking a postpartum online class through the Couple to Couple League (who taught us before we got married), but it was hard for me. I found Marquette to be more straightforward and less stressful.

That’s just my experience! :slight_smile:

The previous posters had two great recommendations… I’d just like to ad that NFP is easier now than ever because many offer phone apps so your charting is done for you on your phone. Gone are the days of keeping charts and graphs and pens at your bedside. You can do it on your phone (if that is your comfort level!)

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