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I just wanted to share my excitement. My fiance and I are getting married next July. Our NFP home study packet came in the mail today! I am so excited! I can’t wait to get started on learning everything!

I also have a question- how involved are most husbands in NFP-using marriages?

I don’t know your background, but as you are soon to be married, I had a question:

Do you find the availability of the training/classes to be almost laughable?

The courses offered in our state are very difficult for us. We still haven’t managed to get to a class. Our options include a Saturday and Sunday 2hrs away (retreat?), a 3hr class three days in a row from like 5-8, and a 4hr class mid-Sundays, again out in the middle of nowhere. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

In our area, they start a class every couple months. The classes seem to be a couple hours once a month for 4 months. They are located not too far away. Our problem is that my fiance works shifts that keep changing, so we decided it would be easier to try to study it ourselves than try to get to the classes. If we need help, then we’ll find a way to both get to the classes.

Congratulations! My husband and I were married in June 2006. I began charting for NFP in March of that year so I was very familiar with identifying my fertile times by the time we were married. My husband tends to be fairly involved with NFP. For instance, he’ll ask me what date he can expect to have to abstain and I usually give him a time frame. I guess it takes some mental preparation on his part haha. He always asks if I’ve been keeping up with the charting and where I am in my cycle. NFP works best when you’re both involved with it. I’d hate for all the pressure to be on me.

I’m not married, but I’m learning Creighton, and it is VERY flexible and reasonable in terms of time it takes to learn. The intro session is MAYBE 2 hours, and then you have follows, each about an hour long, spaced a few weeks apart. It’s really easy to pick a day and time that way, when you don’t have to devote so much time to it. I’m also doing it completely long distance over the phone, and I really enjoy it. ^^

As far as husbands being involved, I’ve heard that in temp charting, the husband takes the temps, and all the wife does is open her mouth every morning. :stuck_out_tongue: In Creighton, the wife really has to be the one charting, obviously, but if both husband and wife learns the rules of which days are fertile and which are not, all he has to do is look at the chart to figure out if that night is okay for any BDing (depending on TTC or TTA).

My husband went to a class series with me. (Ideally, he should do all the book reading, too.) He gives me the thermometer in the morning and records the temps in the evening. It’s really helpful if he reminds me to take my mucus/cervix readings. If I’ve forgotten during the day, I still have a chance to take an observation before bedtime. Either one of us may record the mucus/cervix reading, depending on who has the chart in front of him/her. We interpret fertile/infertile together so I can check my interpretation/thinking process.

Best wishes on your NFP-learning and in your wedding preparations… :slight_smile:


There’s precious little around my area too, if I want to go to Toronto I know they have Creighton classes there ( a friend of mine is learning that method), but I’m just doing STM by myself, from the CCLI book. There are no instructors in that method near me. Honestly I don’t think I could talk about that sort of thing in a class anyway, and my FH would be even less comfortable. He’s totally on board with the concept but I’m doing all the charting and whatnot, and I’m quite fine with having it that way :o

Congratulations and good luck!

I use Creighton Model NFP.

DH has no involvement in charting, but the charts are available to him any time he wants to look at them.

I’d say my husband has been pretty involved. After I ran out of stickers for my charts he set up a charting system for me to use on the computer. He even transferred over all my previous cycles in the ‘new system’ for comparison purposes (he’s a bit of a computer geek).

We practise the Billings Ovulation Method so there’s no temperature taking, but my DH does regularly ask me about my fertile signs. If I’m unsure he’ll help me figure it out by reviewing past charts and looking for similarities. He’s a little forgetful so I do the majority of the charting, but I’m pretty happy with his overall involvement.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes for your marriage!

I don’t know about most husbands, but mine is pretty involved.

After our NFP class, we started charting. We lived in different cities, and I started work 2 hours after he did. I kept the thermometer at my place, and he kept the charts. He would call me up at 5 am every morning to wake me up to take my temperature (we use Symptothermal). We did this right up until we got married!

Now, he hands me the thermometer in the morning. I don’t even have to roll over! :slight_smile: He still does the charting. I just have to remember to track my other fertility signs during the day.

If you read the threads on this forum, you’ll find that some husbands are more involved than others, but if your future husband is committed to NFP, he should be pretty involved. Part of the point of NFP is that it’s a mutual thing, and not just all on one spouse. That way it’s not up to just one of you to remember a pill or whatever else.

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