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trying to get info on an NFP class, but they don’t return my messages. Any suggestions? The class is held at a Catholic Hospital in New Haven, CT. But information doesn’t seem to know anything about it at the hospital. I’m running out of ideas on how to get the info.

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Have you tried the Couple To Couple League Website?


Are any of these close to you (see links)


Have you contacted your diocese? Sometimes they offer classes through their Family Life office???

  1. Northwest Family Services, based in Oregon, has an online NFP course you can take for about $80.
    (click on “Online course” on the left-hand side)

  2. The Couple-to-Couple League has a home-study course.

  3. There’s a Fertility Care center (teaches the Creighton Model ovulation method of NFP) in Old Saybrook.


Of course it could just be that it is summer and the teaching couple is on vacation. They just teach at the hospital which is why information wouldn’t know anything. See if you can get a hold of someone who schedules the use of the classrooms at the hospital - they might have more information.

If none of the suggestions already posted work then wait patiently for a couple of weeks and call again. Answering machine messages get erased (I know, I have done it by accident myself when the message was important to my business!) My understanding is that most NFP classes are taught by teaching couples and it is usually their home number you call to get the information and sign up.

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Try asking for a CM/BBT class. Our local hospital teaches CM/BBT (Cervical mucus / basal body temperature)

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