NFP i still fertile?


The first two days after peak day my temp didn’t rise…then days 3-4 PO my temp rose…now day five it went down again. I’m so confused…my mucus has been thick for the past five days, but my temps are confusing me. Is it safe to have sex or should i wait until i have a definite thermal shift? Also on peak day and day one of my thick mucus my temp was lower than normal, does this mean anything?


It could have been several things… either an estrogen surge without ovulation (that would give you all the “fertile” CM and CP signs without the temp rise)… or you may have experienced a double ovulation, in which case you may still see another temp rise in the next several days…

Either way, use the peak+4 days rule… if you’ve noticed no “fertile” signs for 4 days you should be able to consider yourself infertile still - as if you were still using phase 1 rules…



You could have taken a "bad" temp. cold spot in your mouth or something like that. If you are still experiencing mucus consider yourself fertile.

Ditto on what Em said. Peak +4 and your fertile signs should be going away.


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