NFP Question for everybody


How many days do most of you go during the wife’s monthly cycle without having sex in your NFP experience? I hear some say it is 8-10 days, some say 10-14 days, some even higher? I know it is a highly personal question but I am just wanting to know if we are playing things TOO carefully?


It depends on the method of NFP used.

For the Standard Days Method, there are always 12 days of abstaining:



Wow, that sounds too much like the old, unreliable rhythm method. Women’s cycles can vary dramatically from month to month from things like stress, change in diet or exercise, lack of sleep, the flu or other illness…it is much more scientific and reliable to observe fertilty signs which is what most methods of NFP rely on.

To the OP, you are asking a very personal question and I don’t think you will get many answers. This is a matter that has no right or wrong answer. Whatever works best for you and your spouse is the right answer.

I can tell you that when hubby and I were first learning NFP, i wasn’t comfortable taking a chance (we were avoiding at the time) before I ovulated. So we abstained from my period until ovulation, were “safe” until my period again. So we had almost two weeks of safe days, but we made good use of them;) . Sometimes that meant we were having more “fun” than when i was on the pill because this built up a natural anticipation and appreciation for that intimate time.

Hope that helps!



Are we talking about before adding children to the marriage or after? :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, though, it just depends. Many things influence “how often” and most have nothing to do with NFP and it’s rules. You’ll probably not get very many people tell you how often–it’s up to the couple and depends on too many factors and changes every cycle. If it seems like not enough to you, then you and your wife need to have a conversation about it…AND review the rules for NFP based on the style you are using.



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