NFP question- PP return of fertility

I’m (impatiently) awaiting the return of my cycles. I haven’t had any signs of ovulation yet, but just had a “period” that lasted about 5 days of light flow/spotting. I’ve looked this question up in my book and am totally confused. Yesterday was the last day of spotting (I also had some internal sticky/tacky mucus yesterday, but not today yet)…so how many dry days do we have to wait before it’s “safe”? Do we have to wait for the evening of the 4th dry day, or are we OK to follow the “every other dry day” rule?

Question #2 for those who had an anovulatory period before their return of fertility, what was your experience after the anovulatory bleeding? Did ovulation happen early/later/ or the same as a regular cycle?

I don’t have any suggestions but I am giving your post a bump in hope that someone else will help.


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Don’t count on the “dry” days as indicator. If you are taking your temp daily, you will see the right time. Also the “sympto” part of the Symptothermal method will help. I’m not an expert but my wife and I used it for several years.

not specific to PP, but I think if you have any mucus other than background mucus that you can recognize from historical personal experience, you have to consider yourself in Phase II until you meet criteria for Phase III.

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