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We haven’t been using NFP very long and have run into a difficult charting situation. This cycle I have had no fertile cervical mucous. I have always had a definite patch of fertile eggwhite mucous until this cycle. My cycles are pretty regular. Did I not ovulate this cycle?


From what I have read, if you are under stress, or even anxiety can mess up your regular cycle…Also if you have changed your diet, exercise routine, etc, that can also change your cycle a bit…

I am overweight and diagnosed with PCOS, sometimes it comes earlier and other times later and other times not at all…So if I wanted to practice NFP which I will once married, then I will need to do some major sacrifices and research to find out which one is the best for us…

So if you haven’t changed anything at all, I suggest you check up with your doctor just in case you might have a blessing on the way?! You never know?! IT can be a possibility… Otherwise give yourself a few days and see what happens, k… Hope this helped a little…Not an NFP professional myself but this is what I can offer you from things I have read…Good luck, and GOD bless…


Sounds silly and simple, but make sure you are drinking enough water. You are talking about mucous creation, and just as anywhere else in the body, if you are dehydrated your body won’t create normal mucous (sinus, bowel, etc.). :wink:



iluvmybabies: I do not think I’m pregnant. I had a normal period last cycle. Nothing has changed in my lifestyle that I know of. Is it normal then to have some cycles without ovulation? Like I said I’m new to this. :o

lizaanne: I drink plenty of fluids. Water is a large portion of my fluid intake. Milk too. Maybe I need to drink even more?


do you also take your temp daily? If you had a temp increase you probably ovulated with or without the presence of cervical mucus. I’ve only had 1-2 anovulatory cycles usually when my fertility was returning while i was breastfeeding (totally normal).

also, if you are taking anti-histamines that can dry up ALL mucus…that happend to me a few years ago when i had bad allergies. I hardly had any mucus that whole cycle.


I assume you are using a mucous-only method? Have you considered the sympto-thermal method? This also uses the cervical position and basal body temperature signs for tracking your cycle. If you need more information check out



This website might help you:


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