NFP question...

I’m trying to use the Marquette method breastfeeding protocol. I am now 10 months PP and partially breastfeeding with no period yet.

They say to just use the monitor because CM is not a good indicator while bfing, but I’ve been doing both.

I have had no or sticky white CM since I started charting it earlier this month.

The monitor says I am at low fertility, but after sex last night, I have clear, stretchy CM.

What does this mean?

It’s seminal residue. Breastfeeding women retain semen for a day or two, and it shows up as clear (or slightly cloudy, sometimes with a yellow tint) very stretchy mucus, that gets gluey when handled or dry. It reminds me of rubber cement! I have this exact same thing. My Creighton instructor confirmed that for some weird reason, women who are breastfeeding often experience this. You’re supposed to chart it on its merits, but if you see it consistently the day after sex, you can assume it’s safe.

Yay! Thank you so much!

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