nfp question

is this a just reason to use it?

say a married couple both test as high risk for genetic diseases that can be fatal to their future offspring, such as tay-sax or cystic fibrosis,.

I test positive for a genetic deletion in the 1Q21 section. I did not know about this until my second daughter was born and had a severe manifestation of the deletion. She is thankfully a “normal” child now. But at the time my wife and I questioned if we should have more children. Our conclusion was that we would not ever use NFP based on the fear that we may have a child with a genetic deletion or any other problem. This may sound weird but I have always felt that if God placed a Downs child with us or any other child we would be the stewards of His gifts to us. Since my second we have had two more “normal” children. It never crosses our minds to use NFP to avoid.
I certain;y understand why something like that would persuade a couple to choose NFP. And that would be licit in the case described. But it is certainly no sin to have a child that has Tay Sachs or CF. Many of those children are saints. And that is the ultimate goal of parenthood, to help our children reach heaven.

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no, i certainly don’t think it’s a sin to have a child like that. was just wondering if wanting to abstain would be though, thanks for your reply

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