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This is all hypothetical atm since I’m not married but I wanted to ask about NFP. My Cycles have never been regular. (Not even years ago when I didn’t know better and was on the pill!) If my cycles are not regular will NFP still be useful?


Yes. Also what do you mean by regular, under 23 days over 35 days? It has nothing to do with the time span between bleeding, but the observations made between.

What is interesting is that many young women are suppose to have irregular period, for example a yeen will not start menarche (your first period) until she has reaches 17% of her body being body fat during puberty, but a woman will not have regular period in the sense being between 23-35 days until she has 22% body fat which might take a few years. many young female athletes starts puberty later, just as you see young girls who are overweight to start puberty earlier.


By irregular I mean the number of days is not consistant. It might be 23 days one month and 40 the next. I don’t bother to count them anymore, I just know it’s coming by the way I feel. And the actual duration of the period is usually 3days then 1-2 days it stops and then continues for another 2 days.

My Doctors always told me not to worry about the irregular cycle, as it was normal for teens. As I got older I guess I just quit asking. I actually figured after my pregnancy that it might get more regular then, but it didn’t. (I’m 31 now) I’m rather overweight so I don’t think it has to do with lack of body fat. (Maybe too much fat affects it?)


Have you ever had a Thyroid test done because an improperly fuinctioning thyroid can affect cycles along with having weight issues. Other hormonal imbalances in Estrogen/Progesterone could also be the main culprit. The Pope Paul VI insitute has a good history of assisting women with normalizing their cycle unlike the pill which creates an artificial cycle. Their website is Granted they are in Omaha, but they work with many people around the country through Creighton Model Fertility Care teachers because Naprotechnology makes use of the Creighton Model NFP charts in diagnosising these problems (you dont have to be married to use this, its considered part of healthy tracking for all reproductive age women). Hope this helps!


Sounds like me!
My entire life I’ve never had a “regular” period… the length of the period itself always varies… the entire cycle always varies (yes, between 27 and 56 days on a regular basis… I never know how long it’ll be!)

BUT… it DOESN’T MATTER WITH NFP!!! (yeah!)… and I’ve been successfully using it for almost 6 years…

I use the sympto-thermal method… which tracks the signs of your cycle. It does NOT count days! If this month you have ovulation signs for 4 days… and next month you have signs for 9 days… it doesn’t matter… you still KNOW you’re ovulating!

You’re in luck… the contraceptive industry has brainwashed women into believing “they have to have a 28 day cycle or something must be WRONG!” :rolleyes:
Nothing’s wrong and NFP can easily work for you!


Thanks for the info everyone. :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear bing irregular won’t affect it at all. I start looking into how it all works.

DailyBread, I think the Thyroid idea is right on the money. My family history has every female for generations with thyroid problems and I have every symptom on any list I’ve ever seen (except for loss of eyebrow hair) but tests always come out “Borderline” and the Doctors refuse to treat it. :mad::mad::mad:


I remember when I was a teenager I had a period every other month. Talk about irregular! Then I went on the pill for about 5 years. Now I am off and use NFP. My periods are still “irregular” but they all have similar characteristics. My mucus will change before my temps. Phase 3 is always the same amount of days no matter how long the cycle is.

So technically my cycles are irregular but there are lots of similarites in them that they all look the same to me and there are no suprises.

It’s amazing how the body works once you stop to study it.


I sympathize with the thyroid concern… I have a lot of issues there too… (including major hair loss)…
It’s a tough problem to treat, though… most of the information I’ve read suggests treatment by destroying your thyroid and then requiring synthetic thyroid hormones for the rest of your life… not something you want to jump into!

Anyway… I sympathize…


One thing I found out in my many years of struggle with endometriosis. “Regular” is secular-speak for “average.”

I am very regular now since using NFP and going off all that pill/depo-provera garbage. I regularly have 27 day cycles, 35 day cycles, and 40 day cycles. All of which are very predictable thanks to the charting of NFP! :smiley:

If my ovulation phase is long I know I am under stress and/or need more vitamins. My endo… is so much better now and less painful. I love Marilyn Shannon’s book: Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition.


I have no moeny to buy a book on it right now, Is there a good resource to strat learning NFP online?


have you tried your local library?


I haven’t yet, They unfortuneately have a pretty small selection of books.


I have crazy irregular periods but am going to my first nfp class on tuesday!! Ill let you know how it goes, they have contacts with doctors to help with napro


Syele, you can look up a certified NFP teacher at who can teach you to chart. They might mention a fee, but most dioceses will allow you to defer payment or even not pay anything at all.

Another option is to watch your bulletin. Ours regularly advertises a Christian Family Planning Seminar sponsored by the Family Life Ministries. Your local titles may be different.


Many doctors miss treating thyroid deficiencies because the scale was skewed with the invention of synthetic hormonal treatment. If memory serves me right, they look for a 40 point drop before they diagnosis treatment, and most women see their fertility affected with as little as a 10 point drop.

We have worked with a doctor in Oklahoma on this matter, and he has consulted with women via email or telephone on ways to boost thyroid functionality without going on synthroid. Diet is a strong factor, and even exercise.

I will talk to my better half and see if I can’t get you a PM note with that doctor’s contact information.


I have an NFP question as to when is it appropriate to use NFP.

Hypothetically, if two people were to marry while studying in college, is the financial constraint enough of a reason to practice NFP? Or do need a better reason?



Syele if you would like PM me and I will send you a copy of the book. I will get you this one below

This is the book used in NFP class. So its a little thick at first, but the first few chapters are a great introduction ito what NFP is, how it is used, why it is used, etc. Then you can wait to read the specifics at a later time. But I will buy this for you, or any other book you would like on NFP. Just PM or e-mail me.

God Bless


EscloavoDeCristo, I think that depends on the severity of the financial situation, and if it is a “grave reason” to postpone your next child.

Yes, the book TallyCatholic recommends is a good one. I actually got my copy for free from someone who is coming to the last few of her fertile years, and figured she didn’t need the book as much any more.

Also, it can be worthwhile to start charting your cycles, even if you are unmarried and not sexually active. If you can already feel it coming, it’s nice to have the additional information. You can learn a lot about how your cycle is affected by stress, weight gain, etc. (I discovered my basal body temperature goes a bit crazy when I’m under stress.) Some drug stores carry basal thermometers (I recommend one with a digital readout. We use the BD basal thermometer) The Couple to Couple league has a kit that includes this thermometer, a copy of The Art of Natural Family Planning, and some charts and other items to get you started.


I just wanted to say that my cycles used to be extremely irregular, averaging sometimes 60 days or so. What I learned from Marilyn Shannon’s book is that irregular cycles are a sign of poor health, most notably vitamin deficiencies. I took Optivite at her suggestion for a while and it did help—cut my cycles down to 30 days. But nowadays I’m concerned with the idea of taking synthetic vitamins, especially in large quantities. (You are supposed to take 6 Optivite daily.) So over time I have dramatically changed my diet for the better, eliminating junk and really trying to get the best quality food that I can get, and it has made a significant difference. I’m no longer taking Optivite, just one whole food supplement a day, and I’d like to get off of that too. I follow Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, which is a nutrition book as much as a cookbook. I drink raw milk and use raw dairy products. I also take cod liver oil daily (you have to mix the cod liver oil with butter to make it actually effective). I make most everything from scratch, including and especially my own bread products and broths (beef, chicken, shrimp, you name it) which are soooo good for you. I can pretty much guarantee that if you turn your diet around your cycles will normalize.


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