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Hi Everyone,

It has almost taken 12 months but it looks like our journey from contraception to NFP is almost complete!!

Just a bit of background information:

I converted to Catholicism this past Easter, prior to that I discovered the Church;s teaching on contraception, but I was on the pill, my husband was very much against me stopping the pill and it put a strain on our marriage (he is not religious). Eventually I was able to stop the pill, but he was still contracepting. And now after many prayers and patience, it looks like my husband is ready to accept NFP!! After last month, he realises how much more intimate it is not using contraception and also feels that although he may not feel entirely ready for more children just yet, if it happens, it happens.

Anyway, incase you can’t tell I am overjoyed!

I do have a question, while trying to avoid pregnancy, and monitoring CM, which days should we abstain? Should we abstain all days that I have detectable CM until ovulation? (I am also temping) or is it only certain types of CM?

Thanks in advance!


What method are you using / have you taken a class / do you have an instructor to contact? This question seems like one that could really only be answered conclusively with someone qualified reviewing your charts for the past several months.


I agree. You need to sit with an instructor to really understand what’s going on with YOUR body. Each woman is entirely unique, so generic advice about “which days to abstain” isn’t relavent at all. (which is why the original “rhythm methods” never worked)…

Good luck… and CONGRATULATIONS on your new NFP adventure! It’s a wonderful way of life!

God bless!


All mucus is fertile,but not all discharge is mucus.

You need to discuss your questions with your instructor. Did you take a class? If not, get in a class as soon as possible and get the book on your method.

I also recommend you go over to Delphi Forums and join the NFPTalk board. There are instructors on that site who can answer questions.


Thanks for your replies.

I haven’t taken a class yet, there isn’t much available where I live. I am thinking of purchasing the CCL home study course on it though.


Let me reiterate what everyone else has said, TAKE A CLASS!! If available in your area. That is the best way to learn NFP but at the same time really study the book. Read it multiple times so there are things that you don’t miss.


Oh my, are you going to start practing NFP without taking a course first. You might have to “abstain” for a while until you learn it. It is not difficult to learn with a qualified teacher. I am afraid that you will misunderstand something get pregnant and then your husband will never trust the system.

What state do you live in? I’m not sure if I am allowed ask that. I know that my Creighton instructor consults in long distance cases. She conducts the follow-ups on the phone. Perhaps it would be possible for you to go to a introductory class and then make an arrangement with the teacher to do follow-ups on the phone and in person depending on your schedule. YOu could scan or copy your charts and send them to the instructor, etc, etc. They could give you a picture “dictionary” of the mucus and you could follow along on your end of the phone while the instructor talks to you.

I think there are numerous ways to do it. I am not sure if the home course is the best idea, though. There have been many times that I wanted to ask my instructor a question, and I could just e-mail her or call her.

I wish you the best of luck. I personally, absolutely love, love, love Creighton.


Very first step (until you can get to a class), get the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertilty” by Toni Weschler. (Ignore the parts about using contraception during your fertile phase though!). It was the first book I read on the subject that actually made sense to me when i was in a situation similar to yours.

I was also on the pill, and we had to abstain ALOT during the first year because it took so long for my cycles to regulate after all of the artificial hormones.

Once you have a basic understanding of your fertilty, you will be able to safely have intercourse during a brief “for sure” infertile time after you ovulate.

Good luck in finding a class!


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