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I’m unmarried and in no possition to atend NFP classes, so I don’t understand the specifics of it… but from my knowledge of biology, I understand that a woman’s period starts 2 weeks after she ovulates??? Does this mean that, when using NFP to avoid, you would have to abstain a few days before a suspected ovulation, the two weeks after ovulation, then the 5-7 days it would take for the bleeding to stop.That leaves you with about a week each cycle to make love without the possibility of pregnancy, correct?



You have it rather opposite of how it typically goes. The period of avoiding sex is before you ovulate. Once the NFP chart indicates that ovulation is sufficiently past, then during those last 2 weeks that you mention, it is then that relations have the least chance of conception.

Think biology. Sperm can live awhile. I’m sure someone who is more hip than me can direct you to a website. I only know of the couple to couple league. They instruct in NFP.


There are great websites that explain all of the specifics, as well as books. When i have time I will try to list some, but I’m sure others here will do it ASAP.

For a short answer, once NFP is learned and the couple is comfortable with the knowledge, abstaining to avoid is only about a week total. The egg can only live for up to 24 hours so, once you ovulate and wait a day, you’re good to go:thumbsup: .

Pre ovulation, you watch for fertile mucus. Sperm cannot survive without and die quickly. So, no mucus gives you a green light for intercourse.

Plus, there is nothing wrong with taking a course while single. It’s knowledge that may prove useful in all kinds of situations.



I chart according to the Creighton model which uses cervical mucous as a fertility sign. Basically the uterus is an acidic environment and the CM (cervical mucous) provides a healthy environment essentially for sperm to survive. So after your period ends, in a ‘textbook’ example, you would have a few non fertile days indicated by the absence of CM. Then the body gears up for ovulation and CM starts. After ovulation ends, the CM dries up and once more the uterus becomes a hostile place for sperm and the egg is no longer there to be fertilized (lives approx 12-24 hrs after ovulating). In the Creighton model, to be safe if you are avoiding pregnancy, you count three days after your last day of fertile mucous and then from then to your next period are non fertile days again.

Does this make sense?

Also want to add, that in a ‘textbook cycle’ the time between ovulation and the start of your next cycle when your period starts is 14 days. This can vary from woman to woman. Anything under 10 days can indicate a progesterone deficiency - luteal phase defect (which I have). This is one of the advantages of learning NFP - you can learn about potential problems and treat them before you plan to concieve. In my case I take progesterone cream to help sustain a pregnancy (finally pregnant for the first time Praise God!).

I highly recommend it just to learn about your body and how it operates.



You can attend NFP classes as a single; you can also read the material and begin charting at any time. Knowledge and understanding are indeed important!


Thanks everyone! I understand now! :smiley: I think I will do a bit more research into the subject… I did find a site once that had free, online lessons. I would love to know more about how my body works.

Edit: I signed up at for their free online course. I should have done this ages ago; at the very least I will have a better idea of when my period will start. ^^ I read some info on the Billings method; its FASCINATING! ^^ So much stuff I never knew!


So true. Personally, I wished someone had taught me that stuff when I was first starting to get my period. It would have been so helpful to have more information, especially since young girls have such irregular cycles, and have a hard time anticipating their “monthly bill”. It might have helped to prevent the occasional awkward situation. :slight_smile:


Here are some other helpful sites. There are several versions of NFP and I probably left something off: sympto-thermal method (temps, mucous and cervix position) mucous mucous/standardized observations find an nfp teacher or doctor and learn about why contraception is wrong, what nfp is, etc

Hope that helps.


My NFP told my husband and I that the first week you can have intercourse every other day as long as you do not have thick mucas. The second week you are to avoid it. The third week you can have intercourse any time. The fourth week is menstration.


But this is ONLY for people who have textbook 28 day cycles every month. Most women do NOT have cycles this regular all the time. That is why the old-fashioned ‘rhythm method’ didn’t work. The new scientifically-based methods have you observe and chart every day, so you can decide on a daily basis whether or not you may be fertile. If you go by the calendar alone, you will be frustrated. You must learn how to observe your natural fertility signs for any type of NFP method to be effective. And they ARE effective, 99% if used correctly with no ‘cheating’.


I agree, but that is all our teachers would talk about. In which the course did not help me much.
You must learn how to observe your natural fertility signs for any type of NFP method to be effective. And they ARE effective, 99% if used correctly with no ‘cheating’.
Our teachers did not teach us that.


I’m sincerely sorry about that. You had very misinformed and uneducated ‘teachers’. You need to take a different class. I would suggest the Creighton method, but any of the others are good as well. Please check into this, or you could end up with a big surprise. Creighton uses your body signals only, not temperatures so is very simple, yet effective. Check out to find a class near you, or google Creighton method NFP. I hope you get some good information somewhere, you have been cheated out of it so far. :frowning: :mad:



Teakafrog is absolutely right. What your “teacher” taught you is the notorious Rhythm Method, which is not only horribly outdated, but also notoriously ineffective. Please take an nfp class from one of the sources already listed in this thread—ASAP! That every other day during the first week stuff is nonsense.


Wow. This is completely INACCURATE.

Please find another instructor, one affiliated with CCLI, Creighton, or Billings.

And, if this person claimed to be affiliated with one of these methods, they should be reported! This is the worst advice that anyone could give regarding NFP!


Wow, if I followed that “first, second, third week” business…LOL!!! I’d be forever pregnant. I usually ovulate on day 16…can you even imagine “whenever you want” in that third week!!! :eek:


Me too leaner.


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