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Are there any NFP teachers out there who wouldn’t mind answering a quick question? My husband and I are in our first month with it, and due to a misunderstanding, although I ordered the home study course I only received part of the materials. I haven’t received information on how to contact a counselor or teacher and I have a question I can’t find the answer to in the book. Thank you!!!


There are some instructors who come on here, but I don’t know with what frequency. Also, there are many experienced NFP users on here.

If you definitely want an instructor to reply, you might have better luck with an immediate answer if you go to Delphi Forums and register and post your question on the NFPTalk board. There are many experienced NFP teachers there.

You are using Sympto-Thermal, correct? What is your question?


Thanks for your response! I am also a brand new poster and could not find the forum you mentioned. My situation is that I am almost to the end of my first chart and have yet to have a period. Is this unusual? In this case, would I continue on to another chart, but not as a new cycle?


Yes, you should keep going on one chart, if you’ve run out of room continue onanother I suppose. I guess you can just mark it as “continued” and change the day #.

Are your cycles normally this long? Have you abstained this entire cycle? If not, have you taken a pregnancy test?


Go to:

Type “NFPTalk” in the search field. The Natural Family Planning discussion board should then come up for you to select. If you aren’t registered, it will walk you through that process.


try calling couple to couple league 513 471 2000 if Im not mistaken they can help I dont know for sure who my wife called though but try the Number. Or visit there web site.


I am coming off the pill. Before I was on the pill, I was very irregular - sometimes not having a period for a couple of months, which is why I was put on the pill (at the time, despite being Catholic I did not know the Church’s teaching on birth control.) Anyway, we do not feel God is “pulling” us either way as far as having more children at this time. We have an 18 month old and for some various reasons feel we are not ready but would welcome a baby if God wills it. Also, I literally sprang this on my husband a month ago when I discovered why the Church teaches as they do and I immediately stopped taking my pills that night. In order to keep unity and peace in our marraige, we have not completely abstained, although the two times we have not were on days I feel were fairly safe due to the fact that my cervix is very low and firm. (too much information? - sorry) My temperature pattern is varied but still remains low and as of yet, it is obvious I have not ovulated.


thank you for the info - I will definately check out the website.


I would definitely get in touch with an instructor. Coming off the pill your signs could be all over the place and it may take several months to normalize. An experienced instructor can be located off the website.



This is very good advice. The body does not just snap right back to normal once you quit using the pill, unlike what many people expect. It would be very good to consult an NFP teacher. You can also look at the One More Soul website to see if you can find a teacher near where you live.


Taking a pregnancy test, just to make sure could be worthwhile too.


A direct link to the Delphi NFP talk start page:

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