NFP questions


My husband and I just had our first baby (honeymoon baby to be exact). Please recomend your NFP resources.

Thank you.


Contact your diocese for local classes and teachers!
Other good resources…

HTH! Good luck and congrats on your new baby! :slight_smile:



I recommend the Creighton Model:



The links provided above are ALL good, though I would add the site as well.

I will add that NFP is best learned from others - in my believe another couple - my wife and I teach for the Couple to Couple League (


My wife and I use sympto-thermal method. It is cheaper to learn than the Creighton model (because classes don’t need to be taught one on one), and I would venture to say the most popular method.


My husband and I also had a honeymoon baby! They’re so special. We took an online course due to conflicting schedules, from Check them out, because I was really pleased with their information, which was concise, understandable, and clear.


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