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Question - I know when I ovulate because I have normal monthly periods. I have a regular predictable menstral cycle every month. We have been using an ovulation calendar & abstaining from intercourse on my Fertile days. So far its has worked for postponing children. Should I switch to NFP. It seems so confusing!


Personally, I think you should take a class in NFP if you have a serious reason to avoid. It may seem confusing, but it’s not at all.

The standard days method, which is what you are using is not nearly as reliable as the medical models of NFP.

You do not actually know when, or if, you are ovulating. You are using estimates.


I also have very regular cycles but I often ovulate earlier or later than when I “should”. Something as simple as a virus can delay ovulation a few days.

The method you are using now is fine if you don’t have any serious reasons to avoid pregnancy. But if you have serious reasons to postpone right now, the rhythm method is not reliable enough. I know for sure if I had been using the rhythm method, I probably would have at least one more child.

Take a class. It’s easy once you learn it. :wink:


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