NFP reflections


As I was lying in my hospital bed last week due to yet another partial bowel obstruction, I got to thinking that the Church has it right in regards our fertility. It is not to be treated as a disease as most of society treats it---take a pill and it goes away. It is truly a gift from our Lord and to be shared between a husband and a wife. If a child comes from it, what a blessing!!! Yet, some of us, including myself, are not able to have children due to infertility or other serious health issues and that is a cross we must carry.

I look at it as Christ using me in other ways: I am a wife to a wonderful DH of almost 13 yrs.; aunt to 6 nephews and 4 nieces (ages ranging from 1 yr. - 13 yrs.)all of whom look up to me so whenever my Crohn's flares or I'm hospitalized, they are the 1st thing that comes to mind. I never want them to think of me as their aunt who turns to alcohol/drugs when she can't handle her health issues. Instead I rely on my faith, my CCFA and ostomy support groups, family, & friends to get me through the rough times. I volunteer for the WNY Crohn's & Colitis & Ostomy support groups by doing phone consults/hospital visits as well as shipping out any left over medical supplies I have to those who are in need out of state.

Instead of reflecting on what I don't have, I am truly blessed with what I am able to do. Yes, I wish I had a family but I consider the support groups my other family as well. If someone is in need (I've gotten calls as late at 11 pm at my home), I will not turn them away as I've been in their shoes before.

Another thing that is so wonderful about NFP is that it is much safer for those w/serious illnesses & won't interfere with any medications. The CDC just released a report last month that the pill is a high risk for women with certain serious illnesses and that they should be discussing the matter with their MD. IBD was at the top of the list and yet, one of the major GI doctors was stating that it's safe to take a low dose estrogen birth control pill. HELLO!!!! Can she not read???? Another report also came out that ppl w/IBD have a higher risk of clotting when they flare b/c their blood tends to become sticky (I've known this for a long time) SO ANY TYPE OF BCP is to be avoided. I've been trying to get our local chapter approve of an NFP speaker to speak to our female members after I showed the chapter president these reports. Now I'm getting excuses that "we only got 23 ppl at the last educational meeting so we may not do it." So what. That's 23 ppl who will be educated on their illness & how their body works. What's wrong w/this picture??? NFP is 100% effective for any woman w/any illness, any cycle, and SAFE. If the MDs know about it (high risk--don't give to pts. w/certain diseases), then why not find a safer method for their female patients??? I've known about it--why hasn't the rest of the IBD community??:confused:


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