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Can anyone provide some online resources for hard to read signs? We would like to use NFP to space out our kids. I undertand the method, but my wife has very irregular cycles, and the physical signs are inconclusive. Any help out there for people like us? Specifically, online resources?

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P.S. We are on our second child (due in January) and we are most definitly open to life. We would love to have a big family.


The best thing to do is to get in touch with an experienced NFP teacher who can help you interpret your charts.

I’d suggest contacting the Couple to Couple League, or going to to search for doctors and teachers in your area.

If you are using the Symptothermal method, the Couple to Couple League publishes “The Art of Natural Family Planning”, which is a useful book to have around if you are trying to interpret your own charts.


I think you should look into Creighton and Marquette models of NFP.

You can google them and find instructors. I don’t recommend just trying to find an article online-- the BEST way to learn NFP is with an instructor. And, the signs you think are “inconclusive” might not be once you’ve had a sit-down with a trained instructor.


Here are a couple of my favorite sites… has a great free “how to” booklet… may be a good refresher on the signs… is a site about a book written about the “Family Awareness Method”… its the same as the sympto-thermal method of NFP, but they try to distinguish themselves away from the church’s notion of NFP. It’s a great resource on the biological signs of fertility… but just ignore the parts where they tell you to use condoms during the fertile phase… is a site where you can chart online for free. It’s suited for people who are TRYING TO CONCEIVE, but it has a lot of good information about reading fertility signs. If you use it backwards (for trying to avoid) then it can still be a good resource. The “charting e-book” and “charting FAQS” on that page are really great…

These are all sympto-thermal sites… I’m personally not familiar with creighton or billings methods, so you may want to investigate those too.

If you’re having concerns I highly recommend finding a local teacher… but the above links are really great for furthering your personal NFP education.


Thank you all for your posts.

We haven’t actually tried NFP to help or hinder conception yet. I guess I’ve been getting a little nervous based on some of the other posts going on in this forum… :o

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Please don’t be too frightened. There are many many satisfied NFP users!.. There are some that may have issues (I’ve learned), but that doesn’t mean that continued education or a change in methods can’t improve their experiences!

Irregular cycles shouldn’t be a problem for NFP! Actually it’s very natural and normal to have cycles that aren’t the same length every month! “The Pill” mindset has changed this fact… women who don’t have a “perfect” 28 day cycle think there’s something “wrong” with them, or that they’re “irregular”… it’s actually quite the opposite!

Get educated! Ask for help! It’s not something to fear!

Oh… more info on NFP since you mentioned you haven’t taken any classes yet… has a complete take home course that you can order. They also have lots of great teachers! is the website for the creighton method if you’re looking for an alternative to the sympto-thermal.

Also… check out your diocese website. Often they’ll have NFP information and teachers in your local area!


This is the direct link to Marquette University Institute for NFP, you can contact the Institute to learn more about their method. We have found it a good fit for helping us figure out fertility signals and verify them.

Definitely directly contact a method (whatever method you decide meshes best with the both of you) to learn from don’t just try to learn without that aid a specific method can offer (even if you do a home study which many methods offer, an instructor is available to “meet” with you via email/fax/phone & is a great help!).


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