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I created an NFP group on Facebook (500+ members strong!), and many of the members have provided the group with some great links.
Soooooooooo… I wanted to share them! I also ask that if you think we have missed any, that you post them, so I can pass them along to the group!

NFP LINKS (feel free to suggest more!)

Couple to Couple League:

Billings Ovulation Method:

CatholiCity Links on NFP:


NFP Wiki:


Resource for articles (free online) and books (for sale) by Christopher West about Theology of the Body & NFP:

Theology of the Body Wiki:

Humane Vitae Wiki:

Humane Vitae via the Vatican:

Theology and Practice of NFP (JPII Institute):

One More Soul

Creighton Model

Catholic Fertility Clinic (Pope Paul VI Institute):


NFP and More:

FertilityCare Center (Creighton Model):


American Life League (pro-life site, also with pro-NFP resources available):

Sweeter Than Honey (Protestant NFP site):

Silent Voices (Protestant Pro-Life and NFP site):

FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) Link

FAM advocates the use of a barrier method during th fertile period, while NFP advocates abstinence during the fertile period.
I am including the following link for secular reference for those of us “defending” NFP to family members and non-Catholics. Also, if you have low temperatures, the software has temperature choices down to 95.0

Taking Charge of Your Fertility:


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