NFP rule, help me out here!

Since the madness of the wedding and beforehand, my cycle got thrown off a bit. I am now on Day 24 and have had no thermal shift yet. (My thermal shifts usually occur around Day 18.) My cervical fluid was doing the egg white thing on Days 21 and 22, then I started to dry up yesterday and was completely dry today. Isn’t there a situation where sometimes a woman ovulates, but the thermal shift doesn’t happen until later? Should I use my cervical fluid as a sign that ovulation has already occurred? I would consult my NFP book, but I can’t find it. :o

It sounds like the stress of your wedding has delayed ovulation. You won’t know for sure that ovulation has occured until you have a thermal shift. If you are seriously tta right now, I would be very careful, wait and see what happens.

My guess is as things calm down, you’ll probably start having cervical mucus again real soon and ovulation will occur late. I’ve had this happen many times…

ETA I have had cycles where I started to dry up the day before I got a thermal shift and was completely dry the day the shift occured, so maybe you will get it tomorrow…if not, my guess would be you didn’t ovulate yet.

Hey this is going to sound strange but did you fly anywhere (like your honeymoon destination?) Everytime I fly my cycle gets thrown off. I have no idea why but I always ovulate late when I travel by air. If I travel by driving doesn’t happen. Get on a plane and sure enough -cycle goes out of wack. Very strange I know.

Yes, we did fly to Puerto Rico. However, this happened last month, too, and I didn’t fly then.

Arg! Why are my cycles so frustrating! Isn’t it enough that I have PCOS? :rolleyes:

We can share in our misery. I’m currently waiting for my fertility to return PP and it’s NOT fun. DH hasn’t had “any” in a month. He’s NOT happy. :frowning:

All of the STM CCL rules involve at least the beginnings of a thermal shift.

Another in favor of wait it out. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to explain that this was not a method failure, but a user error:p

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