NFP stats for CAF- NFP users POST HERE please!


Just out of curiousity, I want to see what we come up with as far as NFP rate of method failures based on the experiences of folks who post on this forum. This is not really intended to be a thread for discussion, but for collecting data.

I’m looking for two numbers:
How many years have you practiced NFP?
How many method failures have you experienced (genuine phase I or phase III pregnancies without bending any rules)?

Here is ours: NFP-1, MF-0
My parents: NFP-29, MF-0

Each time we fill up a page, I’ll recalculate the method failure rate we on CAF have witnessed. Really, I’m quite curious to see the results.


Ours: NFP Years: .5 MF: 0

***** EDITED because as DH pointed out , we were trying to achieve for all but 6 months of the time using NFP******


nfp - 14 yrs; mf - 0


I’m so sorry, Chovy:(. I wonder if infertility is taken into consideration for method-failure considerations in other methods, though.


NFP 5 yrs. MF 0 (Method success–2! We also used it to conceive. I always tell my doctor that. Sorry just had to throw that in. ;))


NFP-8 MF-1

Our one “accident” was completely my fault. I had unusual signs one month and decided to ignore it.

That pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. I think my hormones must have been “off.”

Very sad. I wish I had:( that baby.


Well we used NFP to conceive and I was also without a period for 16 months postpartum, but we’re back to NFP again, so…

nfp ~ 1
mf - 0


I didn’t think there was a such thing as “failrue” if a baby is conceived, wouldn’t that be a gift?:confused:

We’ve been using NFP for two years. the first year and a half to avoide and now we are trying to conceive. No babies yet, so you can inturprate that how ever you wish.


If we are considering the length of time of usage including TTC, then we’ve been using NFP for 3 years.


DH & I have been using NFP for almost 10 yrs. successfully.


Let me see I have been married for 29 years and we unfortunately used a barrier method for part of those years so I will split this up:

NFP- .5, MF- 0
NFP- 15 MF - 0

We also used it to successfully achieve three times so perhaps you would consider those as method success :D.

Brenda V.


Here’s our info…

NFP - 6.5 years
MF - 0


So true… but I think that’s why she used the term “method failure”… :wink:


NFP - 5 years
MF - 0
used twice to concieve and successful that first month of trying both times.


In the time my ex-wife allowed relations:
NFP - 6 years
MF - 0

For those who know they misread signs and had a child, perhaps we need a third category of User Error (UE):
UE - 0


NFP - 17 years
MF - 0

kids conceived - 3


NFP-1 year


MS-1 (conceived on first try!)

UE-2 (didn’t conceive though)

After our first baby we used ecological breastfeeding to space our babies and ended up with a 25 month spacing using no other method. We plan to continue this method to space our next baby blessing. If cycles return, we will consider using NFP again as we have had a very positive experience with it.


NFP - 9 yrs
MF - 1 (miscarriage)

My fault, I counted the days wrong that month. It was the hardest thing to go through losing that child. Both my wife and I still talk about it and think of what could have been.


132 years of NFP, no “method failures” attributable to genuine phase I or III pregnancies, 4 user errors, and 17 reported method successes!

By the way, method failure is a well-defined term used to compare efficacy of BC methods. It has nothing to do with conception being viewed as a failure, and everything to do with maintaining a consistent language.


NFP 3 years

I did have a pregnancy that was more of a “throw the rules out the window” during that cycle…with a little help from Sutter Home. :o (my new NFP rule…if seriously tta, stay away from the SH :smiley: )

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