NFP temp question


**Please help me figure this out!

I had what appeared to be an ovulation. My temp spiked and hubby and I thought that after a few days of high temps that we’d be safe tonight. We got our hopes up only to see my temp dip low again this morning.:frowning:

But here’s the confusing part. I normally take my temp right upon waking and it hasn’t seemed to matter if I had interrupted sleep (which is every night). But this morning I woke at 4:20am to my toddler crying. Sometimes she goes back to sleep so we didn’t rush in. But not to get sidetracked, I ended up taking my temp after about 20 or 30 mins of being awake (but staying in bed). Now, from everything I know, the longer I am awake the higher my temp should be, right? Well then why was it so low???**


How many days of elevated temps did you have?


Without running up to grab my chart I’m going to guess 4…but it may be three. Today would have been 4 or 5.


Any mucus?


What are your other signs telling you?
Cervical mucous and cervical position can also verify that ovulation is over (if you’re dry and have a closed, tight cervix)…

I HAVE heard of women having their temps drop if they wait to take their temp in the morning… it’s more common to have it raise as you wake up, but that’s not always the case.

I’d wait to see what your temperature does tomorrow. If it jumps back up to your “normal elevated” range, then I’d throw today’s out as an outlier based on time (make sure you keep good record on your chart of exactly what happened this morning… times and everything)…

But definitely keep cross-referencing your signs with the CM and CP… those should help guide you into phase 3 as well. :thumbsup:


I never did get the hang of cervical position…I guess I really need to:o. As for mucus, i haven’t had anymore egg white since the spike…but it has varied between dry and creamy. Sorry, TMI but I need help. Poor hubby’s face this morning:(


Well keep reading up on CP… it IS tough (I sympathize, it took me a few cycles before I “got it”), but once you do get the hang of it it’ll be nice to have that as a cross-reference too.

Mucous sounds like you’re doing okay… based on what you’re saying I’d guess that today’s temperature was an outlier. See what happens tomorrow (hopefully you’ll get to sleep in to your “normal” time)…

Good luck… you’ll be in my prayers that your signs clear up tomorrow!


Oh Malia… I forgot to ask…
Are you temping orally or vaginally? You may get more consistent temperatures if you temp vaginally. :o
Editing to add… but don’t SWITCH methods mid-cycle! :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with Em. If your mucus was dry or dry-ish/creamy, it’s less fertile mucus.

I’d also wait to see what your temp does tomorrow, assuming you don’t start a new cycle today.


What time do you regularly take your temperature? Did you take it at the same time as normal or earlier?

If you took your temperature earlier than normal, it would be lower by about .1- .2 degrees every half an hour. If you only picked up the baby and laid back down and snuggled, and BF’d then your temperature would not have gone up as if you had been active.

So theoretically, if you took your temperature an hour before you normally do, it would be lower by .2 or even .4 than at your normal time for taking it.

Take your temperature tomorrow as regular, you should see it back to were it should be. But if your temp was up for 4 days prior, you should still be ok if you are trying to avoid pregnancy.



Was your house cold? That’s another reason I can add to the list for why it would have dropped. :slight_smile:

Whenever we get a cold snap or start the heater, ceiling fan, A/C, whatever, I notice a difference in my temps. :shrug:


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