NFP - What do you use to chart? Paper, Fertility or Ovusoft



DH does my charts and he likes paper and pencil best.

I started out with pencil and paper, but now I use the CyclePro software by CCLI. It’s okay–nothing really to write home about–but it’s nice because I don’t have mountains of paper charts to sift through.

I’m lazy, I don’t even record with paper and pencil. :blush: I just make a mental note of the rolling ‘earliest possible day’ we can have sex while trying to avoid.

We use Creighton and for awhile used the paper charts and stickers, but since I ran out of paper charts and was pretty bad at remembering to use them, I created a Google doc spreadsheet that both DH and I can access. It’s working pretty well for us.

CrMS is supposedly developing a computer spreadsheet but it hasn’t been “perfected” yet. I’ll probably use that if and when it ever happens.

I was going to answer paper & pencil, but I wasn’t sure my charts actually count as that… The Creighton charts come from your instructor & use stickers & various codes.

Red = menstruation, green = dry (infertile) day, white baby = peak-type mucus (fertile) day, green baby = 3 days after peak-type mucus (fertile) days w/o fertile mucus, and yellow baby (I think - I don’t use these) = continuous mucus.

A quick glance of the colors gives a pretty good impression of what’s going on in the cycle w/o even having to read the codes.

I also have been known to convert my paper chart to the computer so I can send it to my doc (and if I run out of paper charts). I don’t use software though.

We’re blessed with easy to read symptoms. No need to chart anything.

Green light every other evening from the end of the period until vaginal mucus appears.
Red light until the fourth day after peak mucus symptoms.
Green light until the period comes again.

Basically, I can still count to four without a pen and paper.

It’s not exactly rocket science when the woman is healthy and doesn’t use mucus altering medicines.

You guys are lucky I think. My charts aren’t anywhere near that simple! Plus I like to be able to show my doc or instructor if something weird comes up!

Mostly I’ve used paper and pencil, but I get lazy. Then recently, I tried using google calendar. I mostly use it to mark the days of the cycle, the peak, and a couple of days in between. It’s only so-so. The problem with the computer is that it would require dh to get online to look at it, and he doesn’t do that. So paper and pen makes it more accessible to him.

I’m a paper and pencil girl… always have been…

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