NFP while breastfeeding-Frustrated!


I’ve made this point to my DH too!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Prayers for everyone (including me :o ) who are going through this challenge of remaining
faithful to Church teachings. May God help us and reward us greatly for staying close to Him. :crossrc:



I have PCOS, so charting and using NFP is almost impossible for my husband and I. The irony is that PCOS usually causes infertility, however, I just recently found out I am pregnant with #4, and have a 16 month old. We are of course thrilled, but the future is very terrifying. I'm 38 years old and having more children poses many, many risks. I recently spoke with another Catholic couple who are actually practicing abstinence full time....which I think is a recipe for disaster within a marriage. Because of their fear of having more children, they find that to be the best solution....!! Equally discouraging is how many 'practicing Catholics' have said to me "so, what will you be doing to prevent this from happening again? or other words of promoting ABC. When I tell them, 'we are following our Catholic Faith, society tends to look at us almost as irresponsible, when in fact, my husband and I think we are being very responsible by not practicing ABC. Sorry...a lot of points in one paragraph.



I was 38 when I gave birth to my son. Really, it wasn’t a big deal. I had a great pregnancy and no complications and a great labor.



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