NFP YouTube Videos!


Made by some lovely seminarians!




Those are great!



Thank you so much for sharing those! We love them! How wonderful that seminarians are thinking about the importance of NFP. They’ll make great priests for sure! :thumbsup:


Cool. I sent the links to my 19 and 21 yr olds. —KCT


Ha! It’s like those Mac vs. PC commercials.


Yes it is! And unlike the Mac vs. PC commercials, I can support these videos. (I’m a PC girl. Always have been, always will be.)


Oh those were cute!!!


“That’s just crazy talk!” I love it!


Those are great. i am going to send that to my friends.


hahaha! this is awesome! Thanks for sharing! :smiley:


This one’s even better, although I really liked the 3.

It’s about 4 min’s long, but I think EVERY engaged couple should view this, especially if they are Catholic.

Get out the tissues! (sniff, sniff); it’s really beautiful.



Check out these videos with NFP and contraception personified–similar to Mac vs. PC commercials. Interesting concept. Possibly a great way to open up some conversations with people who haven’t heard this message.

Whadaya think?




Ooops–I made this post elsewhere didn’t mean to duplicate. Glad to see so many people checking these out!




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